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Earn money by watching TV, movies, videos and other entertainment.

Watching TV or videos is an easy way to relax and unwind after a long day. Not only that, but it is also possible to earn some extra money by doing it as well!  Below are some apps and websites you can use, most of which are free, to get paid for watching TV, online videos, movies, and more.

Watching television or videos, whether online or offline, is also great source of entertainment that can distract us from everyday stress. And the extra money from watching can also help reduce stress. Whether it's the news or weather, TV and videos keep us informed about the world.  A few minutes of watching or any video content can bring a sense of connection, exposure, and knowledge of the world, to not mention a few extra dollars to your household!.

People who watch TV are often criticized for being lazy, addicts, and antisocial. However, a moderate amount of television can be educational, and in today’s day and age you can get paid and earn some money by watching! It is a cheap source of entertainment, and it provides a wealth of useful information on countless topics such as investing, cooking, learning another language and home improvement.

A great movie, video or TV series can bring families together, where they can share their feelings and thoughts on a particular event. It can also help struggling and low-income families to expand their minds to learn about different cultures and societies by providing a broader understanding of the world we live in. It can also help people to feel less lonely by filling the empty spot for absent family and friends.

Television and videos as well as movies have a powerful influence on emotions- whether if you are feeling sad or depressed, it can change your mood. According to a journal by Global Business Management & Research, people are more likely to donate blood and money to charity and even purchasing an item after watching TV or a short video.

A new report from Neilson indicated that U.S adults spend an average of 6 hours per day watching online videos and TV on media platforms, streaming services, and TV-connected devices like game consoles, Amazon Fire TV, and others. Why not get paid for those 6 hours?!




In total, that is 42 hours per week watching TV and online videos, equivalent to a full-time job without getting paid! Wouldn't it be awesome to earn cash for those hours from free smartphone applications or websites? As the ancient Chinese statement goes, "choose a job you love, and you'll never have to work a day in your life”. The fact is that watching videos, and TV is undoubtedly an enjoyable activity, and it is possible to make some free extra cash while watching it.

Apps and websites that will pay you for watching

Viggle App: A rewards platform for videos TV enthusiasts and music fans. Viggle allows users to earn rewards by checking into movies, shows or streaming services. It is free to join, and you will earn perk points for watching any TV show or movie.

Perk points can be exchanged for gift cards, prepaid debit card, and prizes such as tablets, headphones, laptops and other goodies. Users can participate in real-time quizzes, trivia, polls, and sweepstakes for bonus opportunities to earn more perk points. Users can also earn up to 15X perk points with daily featured shows and Viggle games. You will earn one 1 point per minute, plus any additional bonuses. Viggle is available on all Android and iOS devices. Enjoy watching YouTube videos? If so, this site allows users to earn $0.005 for one viewed video, $0.10 for leaving a comment, $0.01 for each rating and $0.15  for subscribing to a channel. Users may also refer friends and family and earn cash whenever they view a video, comment, rate and subscribe.

There is no limit on the number of videos you view. However, each account requires a unique IP address and one account is limited per household. Payments can be requested via PayPal at a minimum of $10.00 on your account balance. An online audio transcription platform. Become a freelancer on and get paid for watching videos and converting English audio into written documents. There are various positions to choose from, including transcriptionist, captioner, subtitler, and translation for those that speak another language.

On Rev, you can select your schedule, projects and grow your career skills. The average earning for transcriptionist on Rev is $245 per month. Captioners earn 0.45-$0.75 per video minute or up to $1570 per month, subtitlers earn an average of $958 per month and translators earn $0.05- $0.07 per word. Payments are made weekly basis via PayPal on time.

 Become a mystery theater evaluator on Verites and get paid for going to the movies. VeriTES seeks independent contractors in all states to visit local cinemas, typically on Friday evenings and the weekends to watch movies and get paid for completing short, observational surveys. Applicants must be 18 years and older to sign up.

Points2Shop combines payment for watching videos with surveys and cash back features. It also pays members for paying games and video. There is a sign up bonus offered. the funds from this website are paid out based on advertisers who use Points2Shop. This company recruits 'checkers' to visit movie theaters to verify and collect data on the number of audiences, their reactions, and satisfaction. Some assignments may include yes/no questionnaire on location cleanliness, verifying movie trailers, recording previews, evaluating a movie, picture and sound quality. Checkers are paid a flat fee per assignment.

AppTrailers: A free advertising platform that allows you to earn rewards for watching short fun videos of movie trailers, music videos, game videos, and many others. There are many video categories to choose from, including life hack videos, DIY, comedy videos, celebrity news, and 60-second movie previews.

Each video allows you to earn 5 points, which can be redeemed for gift cards or cash via PayPal. Users can also play movie trivia games to earn points. AppTrailers is a great app to watch videos, while at the same time earning some quick coffee money and a few extra dollars to treat yourself.  AppTrailers is available on the App Store and Google Play. A rewards program that allows you to earn free cash and gift cards for everyday activities. Irazoo has a paid online video feature, known as iRazoo TV that lets you earn easy points by watching entertaining videos. iRazoo offers several channels, including short films, movie reviews, app trailers, cooking tutorials and much more. Sign up through Facebook and earn a $5 bonus just for joining. Known to be a survey site, but they also payouts for watching "Swag TV," which includes videos on travel, health, fashion, pets, news, sports, hobbies and much more. Download the Swagbucks mobile app and get paid anywhere for watching videos. There is also a cash back shopping feature too. Earn $90+/month or more than $1,000 a year for watching videos through Swagbucks. Get paid to go to your local movie theater, watch a free movie and collect some data. Become a Certified Field Associate and get paid for watching movies. Assignment tasks may include theater checks, on-site evaluations, counting people and other related activities. You can expect to earn between $10-$20 per hour, plus an opportunity to see the latest movie for free.

Get Paid To Write Movie Reviews: If you really enjoy watching videos and movies, you can start a blog and write quality movie reviews. It is a great way to build a passive income and get paid for watching TV and videos. You could make money by selling advertising spaces and commission through the Amazon Associate program for reviewing films, DVD or VHS videos. Find other ways to make money on Amazon.







GrabPoints is a multi-faced survey, video, task type website. It pays out cash to members based on the activities they do online. whether watching videos, playing games, or participating in other activities, it is possible to earn money from this free app.

Perk.TV: A rewards website and app that allows you to earn gift cards, cash and huge prizes for watching videos. It is free to join with thousands of high quality, streaming videos on topics such as lifestyle, movies, sports, educational, comedy, and others.

With Perk Live TV feature, you can sync your TV or computer with this app, and you can watch your preferred shows and movies as you normally would, the main difference is that you will be rewarded with cash and hundreds of gift cards, including Amazon, Walmart, Starbucks and many others just for watching your TV at home.

These websites allow you to earn tens of dollars or hundreds or more per month. It really depends on how much you watch and the rates currently being paid out. Using any of the highest paying survey and marketing sites is also another way to earn cash and rewards for watching TV and videos.

By Jon McNamara

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