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Electric and utility bill assistance programs in Oregon.

Oregon utility companies and government programs provide low income and struggling customers assistance with paying their electric, cooling or energy bills. Many of the companies also help people save money by providing free weatherization and energy conservation programs. Find emergency help to pay utility bills in OR, including an electric deposit or to prevent a disconnection.

Most utility companies in Oregon offer financial aid to low-income families and seniors, payment plans or disconnection prevention programs. Several charities in Oregon and government affiliated also offer emergency financial help, free hardship grants to pay winter heating costs and other support..

Below you will find how to get information to the utility assistance and government programs in Oregon. Find where to call to get details on emergency financial assistance today and learn where to find information on the application process.

Assistance directly from utility companies in Oregon

Avista Utilities – The LIRAP assistance program is for low income customers and it is funded by private donations. You need to call your local community action agency to apply for help or more information.

Avista Utilities - Project Share is a community program that provides heating bill assistance. Call your local community action agency to apply for help. Call (800) 227-9187, or locate more Avista utility bill assistance programs.

Blachly-Lane County Cooperative Electric Association – They partner with the Salvation Army to run a program known as Blachly-Lane Energy Share (BLES). It can provide financial assistance to customers who have no other place to turn to, and who do not qualify for help from anywhere else. They only provide assistance to Blackly-Lane customers and do not help customers of other utility companies. Call 541-688-8711

Canby Utility Board - If you have a disconnect notice, the Energy Bill Assistance Program can provide emergency help of up to $150. Call 503- 266-1156

Cascade Natural Gas - Winter Help is for low-income households and individuals who are at risk of disconnection from their utility or heating service. Financial assistance is delivered as a once-a-year credit to Cascade Natural Gas accounts. Call your local community action agency for assistance.




Additional resources are offered by Cascade Gas in Oregon. Click here for additional details on assistance from Cascade Natural Gas.

Central Electric Cooperative – Can help pay electric bills when someone has a financial hardship. Call Bend 541-389-1980, Prineville 541-447-5321, Redmond 541-548-2144, Madras 541-475-3266, or Sisters 541-549-5698.

Central Lincoln People's Utility District - SOS Program is run by charities, the Salvation Army, and community action agencies in Oregon. It will help people pay utility bills. Dial 541-265-3211

City of Ashland – Discounts on utility bills are offered to people 65 and over. Customers can receive a 20% to 30% discount on City utility bills, including water, wastewater, and electric bills. In addition military personnel can also receive a discount. Call 541-488-5342

City of Ashland - Heat and Roundup can offer one-time help for families and customers, based on need and availability of funds. Up to $160 can be provided for assistance. Call 541-488-5342

City of Ashland - Senior and Disabled ALIEAP. They also offer a six month assistance program that provides a 50% discount on the electric bills of seniors and disabled customers. 541-488-5342

City of Cascade Locks – People who qualify for LIEAP can receive up to $150 in additional aid. The program pays out a onetime grant. Call 541-374-8484 x15 to learn more about the Energy Bill Assistance Program.

City of Gresham – A service called Utility Customer Assistance Fund can help pay water, sewer, and storm water bills. Dial 503-618-2373

Clatskanie People’s Utility District - Share the Warmth Fund is offered by community action agencies and can help people who need assistance. Dial 503-728-2163

Columbia River Public Utility District – The GLOW (Give Light, Offer Warmth) emergency program is available for emergencies. Financial help and aid is offered to people facing a crisis or emergency situation. Call 503-397-0590





Columbia River PUD – A service known as The Special Waiver Program may be able to waives the $7 monthly customer charge for families who meet the low-income requirements and qualifications that are set by the State of Oregon. 503-397-0590

Columbia River PUD – Additional assistance is provided to customers from the Low-Income Weatherization Assistance Program. Most utilities of course offer this government funded program, but the energy provider can offer weatherization services at no cost to households at or below 60% of Oregon's median household income, whose primary source of space heating is electricity. Weatherization measures offered include replacing windows, upgrading insulation levels in attics, walls and floors, sealing ductwork, and wrapping water pipes. Call 503-366-5470 or 503-397-0590

Consumers Power Inc. – The Operation Round Up program is available and can provide funding to address special needs for individuals or families in Benton, Lane, Linn, Polk, Marion, and Lincoln counties Oregon. Dial 541-929-8520 or 1-800-872-9036 x 8520 to learn more or to apply for financial help.

Coos-Curry Electric Cooperative runs the Round-Up Program. It can provide emergency help to families and individuals for paying energy bills. Dial 541-469-3155, or contact your local community action agency.

Emerald PUD – A program known as ERAP can provide a qualified customer with $200, spread over four months. While the priority and the funding are targeted at low-income seniors and disabled customers, at times there may be financial assistance or funds available for other people in hardship situations. Funds are limited. Call EPUD, 541-746-1583, for a referral or call Lane County directly at 541-682-3378.

Emerald PUD - Helping Hand starts in February of each year. If qualified, a customer can get a grant worth $200 to help pay an electric bill. Contact EPUD for more information at 541-746-1583

Emerald PUD – The Housing and Community Services Agency of Lane County (HACSA) as well as the  Lane County Human Services Commission partners with the to provide home weatherization services throughout Lane County. The Weatherization program assesses homes for energy saving needs and will help reduce energy bills by installing insulation and windows, and seals heating ducts. Contact 541-682-3999 for information or to apply.

Emerald PUD – They also run the REACH (Residential Energy Assistance Challenge), which can provide in-home energy education, conservation and $300 for co-payments to qualified individuals. There is a six-month follow-up period and the focus of the program is to complete full weatherization of the home. You can call a few different places in order to apply, including EPUD, 541-746-1583 or an applicant can call Lane County directly at 541-682-3378 or 541-746-1583.





Eugene Water & Electric Board – A few different programs are offered to qualified customers. They include Deposit Guarantor program, which provides financial assistance for half of a qualifying customer’s account deposit. The Universal Service Plan is a program that will provide low-income seniors, the elderly and disabled customers with both bill co-payments as well as weatherization services.

In addition, EWEB may also forgive any arrearage on the customer’s bill after they complete the program. The Human Services Commission administers the program, and dial 541-685-7000 or 541-684-5821. Also Military assistance can provide financial help to military service personnel who have been deployed oversees.

Eugene Water & Electric Board – Low income customers can get help from Customer Care. This resource provides financial aid and cash assistance for qualifying low-income customers. Customers who need help may be eligible to receive up to $200 in utility and/or heating bill assistance per year. Call one of the following non-profits or charities to apply. Celeste Campbell Senior Center: 682-5354 (for customers 60 years and older). St. Vincent de Paul Society: 461-8794. Catholic Community Services: 747-8349 (for customers living in the Springfield/McKenzie area)

Eugene Water & Electric Board – The program called Customer Care Plus is available. This may be able to help income-eligible customers save money on their energy bills and manage their utility and heating bills. If you apply and are found to be eligible, customers have access to a menu of services including appliance upgrades or replacements, weatherization (increasing levels of insulation and sealing buildings against air leaks), energy saving and conservation education, and heating system inspections, repairs and improvements.

Call any one of the following. Celeste Campbell Senior Center, 155 High Street, Eugene(for customers 60 years and older). St. Vincent de Paul Society, 450 Hwy 99 North, Eugene Oregon. Lane County Human Services Commission, 125 East Eighth Avenue, Eugene. Catholic Community Services, 1025 G Street, Springfield (for customers living in the Springfield/McKenzie service area)

Eugene Water & Electric Board - Additional resources are available by this company. Programs can assist the unemployed and veterans. Other assistance is available for paying water bills and deposits on your account. Another focus is on helping households conserve energy and reduce their water usage. Read More Eugene Water and Electric Board financial assistance programs.

Hood River Electric Cooperative - Customers Helping Customers may be able to provide financial contributions to people who have not received LHEAP aid. Call 541-354-1233

Idaho Power – Weatherization programs are offered. Apply at your local community action agency, which is part of Idaho and Oregon Community Action Partnership (CAP). Services are offered for electrically heated homes of qualified customers. Call 1-800-488-6151. Or in Harney and Malheur Counties, call 541-573-6024. If you live in Baker County, call 541-963-3186. Read more on the Idaho Power assistance programs for customers in Oregon.

Lane Electric Cooperative – Customers who receive LIHEAP may also be eligible for an additional grant of up to $1,500 for qualifying weatherization and energy saving measures in their home. Eligible measures that are part of weatherization include floor, ceiling, and extra wall insulation, general air sealing , HVAC duct insulation & sealing, door and window caulking & weatherstripping for your home. Call 541-484-1151

McMinnville Water & Light - Customers Helping Customers is an assistance program to help needy low income individuals and families with energy bill assistance that is funded by customer contributions. Those who are interested in applying for Energy Bill Assistance benefits and programs may do so at St. Vincent DePaul of McMinnville. Call 1-503-472-6216 or (503) 472-6158







Midstate Electric Cooperative – Funds can be provided as part of Operation Roundup. Money can be used for a variety of emergency expenses. Dial 541-536-7241 or (541) 536-2126 to learn more or apply.

Monmouth Power & Light – If you need help, call your local Community Action agency. If you are considered low income and meet certain guidelines you may be able to receive payment of your utility bill or have your utility deposit paid in full. Call 503-838-3526

NW Natural – This program is funded by donations, and funds can be used to help pay the heating bills of elderly residents and families who live in the Northwest who experience difficulty in making ends meet and have a hardship situation. Community Action Agencies in your service area run the program, so call them, or dial 800-422-4012. Read more on this program and other resources that are available from Northwest Natural Gas financial aid resources.

Oregon Trail Power & Light – Offers customers once per year financial assistance for paying any heating source or bills, money to pay for reconnection and deposit fees, deposits or some portion of arrearage. The applicant must be receiving LIHEAP as well. Call La Grande 963-3155, Baker City 523-3616, John Day 575-0161, or Burns 573-2666

Pacific Power – A partnership with Community Energy Project, Inc. of Multnomah County may be able to provide senior and disabled citizens with energy education, weatherization and energy-efficient measures to help them save money on utility bills. Call 1-888-221-7070. Or read more on this service and other financial assistance programs from Pacific Power.

Portland General Electric – They offer help to low-income senior citizens and persons with disabilities from the Community Energy Project. This service can help people conserve energy in their homes. PGE provides seed money and other financial aid to various energy conservation programs. In addition, some of the other resources include the fact that CEP also holds weatherization workshops and provides attendees to these workshops with water-conserving showerheads, materials and compact fluorescent light bulbs. Call 800-542-8818 or 503-284-6827, or find more PGE assistance programs.

Salem Electric – Dial 503 362-3601 to learn about the weatherization program. Extensive home improvements are offered to help people save money on energy bills.

Salem Electric – The Winter Heating Assistance Program may be available to members whose household’s main heating source is electricity and whose income does not exceed the income guidelines. As with most assistance programs, priority for aid is given to the disabled and seniors (age 60 and over) and disabled persons (those receiving or having applied for monetary benefits for their disability). Call 503 362-3601 to apply or for more information.

Springfield Utility Board - Project Share may be able to provide financial assistance and are accepted during the winter Catholic Community Services, which administers the program for SUB and distributes the funds to those in need, will help with the application process. Dial  (541) 746-8451.

Tillamook PUD – The financial assistance they provide is part of the Customer Assistance Program. Call your local community action agency to learn more or to apply for help.

Umatilla Electric Cooperative – The UCARE is a customer-assistance program that allows members to help other members stay warm in the winter. UCARE provides grants and financial assistance to families who are having trouble paying their winter heating and utility bills. Boardman 541-481-2220 or 1-800-452-227, or dial Hermiston 541-567-6414.

State of OR benefits including government grants for paying utilities and saving money

Government low income utility assistance - The state offers qualified families, seniors, and the disabled access to the primary federal government funded energy bill assistance programs. This is a free grant and energy conservation services. Low income, seniors and disabled can apply for weatherization and LIHEAP. Cash grants can help pay heating, cooling, and electric bills. More Oregon LIHEAP assistance.





Oregon HEAT – This is an assistance program that is available across all of Oregon. It was created to prevent a disconnection of utility services during the winter or inclement weather. The program can provide bill payment assistance to low to moderate income households in emergency situations or who are facing a hardship. The Oregon HEAT assistance program works with local charities, social service and other government and non-profit agencies across the state to screen requests and can help people apply for assistance.

Grants and assistance is offered for customers of West Oregon Electric Cooperative, Pacific Power, and PGE as well as other utility providers in the state. In addition, the Oregon HEAT program has also created a recovered oil program and helps households pay for all heating and winter fuels such as propane, gas and wood. Dial 503-612-3790, or click here Oregon HEAT program.

Winter heating and gas bills - Several agencies, non-profits, and Oregon government programs focus on paying bills during the winter. Grants can be used for natural gas, electricity, oil, kerosene, and other fuel sources, with an emphasis on preventing disconnections and energy conservation. Additional details on heating bill help in Oregon.


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