Omaha Public Power District financial assistance programs.

Families with children, seniors, and disabled are the main recipients of Omaha Public Power District assistance programs. Thousands of customers receive help with paying their bills every year. Other low income qualified customers may take advantage of resources and programs that can help them save money on their utility and heating bills. The leading services and programs from Omaha Public Power are listed below.

The federal government and state of Nebraska Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) may be able to help low income people and others with fixed incomes offset the cost of heating and cooling their homes. Funds and grants can be paid out, and all money can be used to pay their bills. The assistance program will partially pay the cost of utilities including propane, electricity, fuel oil, natural gas, coal, wood, or kerosene expenses.

Many times when someone qualifies for Low Income Energy Assistance Program, they will also be able to enroll in energy conservation programs like weatherization. This is a free resource that can help people save money on their heating and cooling expenses. It can install free improvements to your home, such as insulation and caulking.

Level Payment Plan is an option for all Omaha Public Power District customers. The fact is that a customers monthly electric service bills may vary widely throughout the course of the year. However, the OPPD Level Payment Plan will help people budget their money, as families will gain the convenience of knowing exactly how much their monthly payment will be throughout the course of the year, no matter what the weather is or the season.

What will occur is every year, OPPD will project a customer’s usage and estimated bill for the next 12 months. If you have lived at your present address over the last 12 months, the projection is based primarily on the past usage of your account. Otherwise, the average will be based on past usage at the new service address where you live now. The energy company will then calculate your annual electric service bill, including tax, and this will be the amount of your bill every month.





Omaha Public Power District (OPPD) Energy Assistance Program can help low income, disadvantaged families, and people who are most at risk pay energy-related expenses and bills. Expenses paid for might include emergency equipment repairs as well as higher-than-normal summer cooling bills or winter heating bills. The energy program is administered by the West Central Development, which accepts applications and also distributes the funds to the needy. The program operates year round.

All money for this OPPD program comes from donations and contributions from the community. Any donations are tax deductible. On average, over 1000 households receive financial assistance per year.

If you can and want to donate, there are many ways you can help the less fortunate. Dial 402-536-4131 or toll-free at 1-877-536-4131 to donate by phone. Or customers can make a one-time donation or monthly pledge online by completing the Energy Assistance Pledge form. There are other options available ro donate or for applying for financial help. Find more details on the West Central Development and Omaha Power assistance program.

In order to get help from the EAP program, or to get information about applying for cash grants or financial assistance, any interest individuals or customers will need to call 402-536-4131. A toll free number to dial is (402) 444-6666. Or Spanish-speaking customers can apply for help from OPPD by calling 402-343-7711 to schedule an appointment. Another resource to try for financial aid for paying Omaha Public Power District bills is to call the United Way for referrals.

The State of Nebraska may also have low-income home energy assistance funds available to families who are at risk and income-qualified customers. Families can also sign up for weatherization and savings programs. Applications can be made picked up at the following metropolitan locations. Downtown – 1313 Farnam Street, 2nd floor, Papillion – 1261 Golden Gate Drive, Midtown – 1215 S 42nd Street, North – 3737 Lake Street, South – 5211 S 31st Street, or call Omaha Public Power District at (402) 636-2000.

By Jon McNamara

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