Public assistance Ocean County.

Government organization in Ocean County New Jersey can help the low income. A number of public and cash assistance programs are offered. Find how to get help with a number of basic needs that range from free food, rent, energy bill assistance, and emergency financial aid.

Not only does the government run a number of their own public assistance programs, but they also can help people apply for other resources too. For example, learn about and get help in applying for federal resources like SNAP food stamps or LIHEAP. While the demand in Ocean County NJ is increasing, low income families still have several options available to turn to for assistance.

Persons With Disabilities can also benefit from Community Resources. A number of case management and home services are offered by the Ocean County Board of Social Services. Public and financial assistance is intended to help people reside in their homes and the local community.

Children, teenagers, and anyone under the age of 21 in Ocean County New Jersey can benefit from the Early Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, And Treatment (EPSD) program. This can provide for the early detection of dental, health and medical problems for people under 21, and follow up medical care is administered too. The program is run in partnership with health maintenance organizations across Ocean County.

Ocean County New Jersey patients can get help paying medical bills from Medicaid. Low-income individuals may be able to qualify for medical bill assistance through programs administered by either the federal government or the Ocean County Board of Social Services. All cash payments are made directly to doctors or hospitals.

Food Stamps, which are also known as Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT), can help low income families buy food and improve their nutritional levels. It increases the general welfare of the working poor and will improve their health, with a focus on low income children and pregnant women. The Electronic Benefits Transfer (EBT) card is also known as Families First. Food stamps/EBT cards provide food and groceries to tens of thousands of people every year in the region.





In addition to offering families public assistance from food stamps, Ocean County will also help recipients get a job or increase their employment skills. Work with a social worker as part of the Food Stamp Employment And Training Program (FSETP). This federal government mandated program will try to ensure clients register for work or get help finding a job. It is required that people participate in meaningful work-related activities (even if just searching) to increase self-sufficiency.

AIDS Community Care Alternatives Program (ACCA) is offered to HIV or individuals with AIDs. Assistance is intended to help people remain in the community vs. needing to go into a hospital or other medical facility.

Breast And Cervical Cancer Program is available for the Ocean County area as well. It is run in partnership with the New Jersey Cancer Education and Early Detection Program, which itself is administered by the New Jersey Department of Health and Senior Services. Full Medicaid benefits and other assistance with medical bills is offered to uninsured and low income women under the age of 65 who have been diagnosed with cervical or breast cancer and who need help.

Another public health care program for people under 21 is Medicaid Special, which was designed to provide free or low cost medical care for children and teens.

Hospice Program can support the terminally ill. Services offered by case managers and social workers include pain control and bereavement counseling.

The aged, blind, and disabled residents of Ocean County can benefit from Medicaid Only. Qualified individuals may reside in a nursing home, the local community, or they may be confined to a rehabilitation or general hospital.

Free transportation is offered for most Medicaid-eligible persons in Ocean County. Aids and HIV patients can also qualify. Recipients of this service may decide to use public transportation and then be reimbursed, or they can even drive their own cars and be reimbursed for gas and other mileage expenses. Other transportation methods that can be paid for include taxi service, social service aides employed by Board, or transportation from volunteer drivers. Another option is the Ocean Ride Program, which is offered through the Ocean County Department of Transportation and Vehicle Services agency.





Medically Needy is the name of a medical bill assistance and health care program for those who are blind, 65 or older, pregnant, disabled. Or it can also help needy children under 21 years of age. The public program can offer medical benefits and government care to certain Ocean County New Jersey residents who would otherwise not be able to afford their medical bills but who also have income and/or total household assets that are too high to qualify for other government Medicaid and health care services.

Ocean County families may also qualify for New Jersey Family Care. This health insurance program is subsidized by the state of New Jersey, and it offers Medicaid coverage for pregnant women, their children, and some caregivers and parents. Eligibility for this health care will depend on the applicant’s income and immigration status. Health maintenance organizations across the region offer comprehensive health services as part of NJ Family Care.

Ocean County New Jersey cash assistance programs

Financial assistance, funds for child care and employment opportunities are all offered to Ocean County New Jersey families from the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (WFNJ/TANF). Needy families with children can benefit from this federal government funded program. Public aid is offered for up to 5 years at most. People who sign up are required to take part in work-related activities while they receive cash assistance. TANF can also pay for child-care and other support services, and all of the government assistance was designed to promote economic self-sufficiency by participants. Healthcare and Medicaid benefits may also be paid out.

Cash from the Ocean County General Assistance Program can help people pay for basic needs. This government program was created to offer the working poor with short term cash assistance and other social services. The goal is to help people make it through a period while they look for longer term self-sufficiency, including employment or other aid. Even couples without children can benefit from general assistance.

Telephone expenses and bills can be saved on too. While not directly offered by the social service agency, they can provide information on the telephone assistance programs, which include Link Up America and Lifeline. The Link Up program offers a discount to Verizon and other customers, and 12 month installments on the balance of phone bills can be provided too. The second option for Ocean County residents is Communications Lifeline, which offers a monthly credit on telephone and even cellular phone bills.

Rental assistance can be paid out as part of the Home Tenant Based Rental Assistance Program. This resource will help income qualified elderly, families with children, and the disabled who fall under federal government HUD income guidelines. Support is available for those who need housing or rent assistance. A subsidy for up to 24 months of rent can be paid out.

Homeless Prevention and Emergency Assistance can be provided to Supplemental Security Income as well as Work First New Jersey recipients in Ocean County. These individuals may be eligible to receive government benefits and public cash assistance to prevent or alleviate homelessness. This assistance offered by Ocean County Social Services may include rent subsidy, temporary shelter, utility bill assistance such as LIHEAP, free food, clothing, household furnishings, and back rent. All of these public benefits are both time-limited and they are also contingent upon other factors, such as income and household status.

Funeral expenses and Burial Assistance can be provided by Ocean County. Typical recipients include people who receive Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, the medically needed, and those who require SSI. However other working poor and indigent families may also qualify. All payments are made directly to funeral homes.




Eviction prevention and homeless services are run by the social service board. Housing and rent assistance is offered for people faced with eviction (and homelessness) or people who currently need a place to reside may qualify too. The county runs a number of short term rent and housing assistance programs to aid persons who are in danger of becoming homeless or who may be currently homeless. Cash assistance and grants may be available from the county from a wide variety of funding streams whether or not persons are receiving public assistance. In some cases people may get up to two months of back rent or even mortgage payments. In some cases money for moving expenses or security deposits may be offered, especially if the housing unit is being condemned. All resources are limited. Locate more rental assistance programs in Ocean County New Jersey.

Dial Ocean County Board of Social Services at (732) 349-1500 for information on these government and public assistance programs.


By Jon McNamara

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