New York City savings on prescription medications.

Significant savings can be had from the BigAppleRx prescription drug discount card. There is no cost to sign up for the card and it is free to use. It was created in partnership with New York City as well as national and local pharmacies to pass savings directly to consumers and families across the region.

There are no restrictions for signing up or using the card. It is available for use to everyone who works, lives, or even just visits New York City. There are no income, age, citizenship, or insurance restrictions in place. The BigAppleRx card can help seniors, low income families, or even people that make six figures. This flexibility really makes the card available to almost all people who live in NYC. It is not health insurance but rather a straightforward discount card.

Amount of savings

While the exact amount of savings will vary based on the medications you need, studies show that the general savings received will be about 45 to 50%%. However the savings will only be for those medications that are not covered by your public or private health insurance plan. So you can’t therefore “double dip” and save money from both this card and your insurance company. That savings rate is made up of an average of 15% on brand name prescription drugs and about 55% on generics, so the exact discount you will receive can vary based on those factors.

As indicated, receive a discount on either generic or brand name prescription drugs. Another huge benefit of the card is you can also save money on certain approved over the counter products such as smoking cessation aids, diabetes supplies or other health care products provided you have a doctor's prescription.

Participants just need to present the BigAppleRx card at a participating pharmacy in New York City, and thousands of stores and retailers accept it. Bring it with you when you shop, as it is accepted at most pharmacies in New York City, including major retail chains such as Duane Reade, CVS, Walgreens, and others. Consumers can be sure that you'll have access to big savings at most major and independent pharmacies throughout the five boroughs. A discount will be immediately taken off the regular retail price of the prescription. Savings on your Rx drug costs can really start as soon as you fill a prescription and print up the card.





Eligibility standards for the BigAppleRx card

As indicated, everyone is eligible to get a card. There is no registration required, no fees required to sign up, no paperwork to complete, and no restrictions are in place. The card is active immediately and you can even share it with family members or friends. The BigAppleRx Card is free, never expires, and widely accepted.

It is very simple to use the BigAppleRx card. Just present the card to the pharmacist along with the prescription from your doctor. Either the pharmacist or the cashier/clerk will tell you how much you saved on your medications using the drug discount card.

Seniors in New York City can benefit from the BigAppleRx prescription discount card as well. The elderly and senior citizens who are signed up for Medicare can also receive assistance and discounts, as the card can help people save money on their prescriptions while they are in the donut hole phase. So while Medicare participants must pay the full cost of their prescription medications until they reach an out-of-pocket maximum, this card can help during that timeframe. Call (800) 697-6974 for information or to get the card.





By Jon McNamara

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