Nevada Power assistance programs.

If you are struggling or falling behind on your Nevada Power bills, then the company may be able to assist. They offer low income customers and those facing a disconnection with information and possible solutions. Some of the financial assistance is provided by the company and some of the aid may also be offered by federal government and state programs.

Most years some form of Senior Energy Assistance Expo is held in their service territory. Attending the sessions are various government and nonprofit agencies. Representatives from the organizations will go over different programs with you. They will provide guidance, information, and applications to various resources to help pay your past due electric bill. Also explore conservation and government sponsored weatherization options for your home. These can help qualified homeowners reduce the amount of your future utility bills.

The federal government sponsored Low Income Energy Assistance Programs are always available. In general, the applicant needs to be very low income and also spend on a significant portion of their income on their Nevada Power bills. Many people who are found to be qualified are families with children, households with seniors citizens, and/or the disabled.

This is known as EAP, or the Energy Assistance Program, and is the state’s version of LIHEAP. This can provide credits or a grant to pay your bill. An emergency component will also prioritize financial aid for those customers that are faced with a disconnection.

Weatherization Assistance is the other main government program. This provides a way for Nevada Power customers to save money. Free updates can be made to your home, such as extra insulation, caulking, or the tune up of a furnace or air conditioner.

Disabled and Senior Customers can get special attention from NV Power. The company is always concerned about the elderly and more vulnerable. If you have a family member or resident living in your home or apartment that is disabled, 62 years of age or older, or seriously ill, call the company. See what type of grants or assistance programs may be offered.





Comfort Savings is a free audit and weatherization type program offered by Nevada Power. The company will both recommend and help you implement conservation measures. The concept is similar to that of weatherization, mentioned above.

Customers that live in southern Nevada can look into a program known as Project REACH, or Relief through Energy Assistance to Prevent Customer Hardships. This is funded by donations as well as Nevada Power. REACH was created in an effort to help vulnerable adults and senior citizens over the age of 62 years, Reserve and National Guard members, or those that are medically fragile. Funds can help pay your utility bill and/or prevent a disconnection.

Special Assistance Fund for Energy (SAFE) is for low income families that live in northern Nevada. This is known as a "gap-filling" program and was created to assist families who are face with a crisis. Most of the aid is paid out to those households facing unusual circumstances and that also have income limitations. The utility bill assistance program can complement federal government and state of Nevada low-income energy assistance programs, such as LIHEAP.

Some other resources include these listed below. However they are not really cash assistance programs but they address other needs.

Third Party Protection may be able to prevent a disconnection due to forgotten or misplaced electric bills. The company offers a third-party notification service so that a friend, relative, or neighbor is notified of an unpaid bill. Many senior citizens use this service as a reminder to pay their bill.

Green Cross is for customers with Life Support Equipment. They will be notified of a scheduled electric outages, unexpected power outage, or an unpaid bill. Nevada Power wants to ensure these customers continue to have a steady source of power for their equipment.

Dial either (702) 402-5555 or (775) 834-4444 for more information.



By Jon McNamara

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