Neighborhood House Lubbock assistance programs.

A wide diverse group of residents from Lubbock County can receive short term emergency assistance from Neighborhood House. Aid is offered to the very low income, single mothers, senior citizens, the disabled, and even homeless. Many of the recipients of the financial support live on a fixed income and are faced with short term emergency or crisis situations. Funds can help pay living needs such as for rental expenses, prescription drugs, utility bills, and other expenses.

Several churches partnered their resources together to create the Neighborhood House. It is a charity that helps families and individuals during times of economic hardship or crisis. The local Lutheran Social Services organization also plays a leading role and is involved in managing as well as staffing the program.

In many years thousands of local families receive help, including the elderly, children, and disabled. A wide number of services are offered including food and utility vouchers, hygiene products, funds for rent and other bills too.

Utility bill assistance from the state of Texas Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program grant and other funding sources can help low income families pay their cooling, heating, and electric bills. Neighborhood House is a leading provider of financial aid for utilities in Lubbock County. Many people that apply for help have a disconnection notice on their account.

Vouchers are distributed too. The non-profit Neighborhood House passes out tons of groceries, food, and hygiene items. The Voucher program can also be used to help people acquire medications.

Children and students from the community can look into the Kid Packs program. Local Lutheran Social Service churches pitch in to support the Neighborhood House organization by contributing time, volunteers, and support.




The churches will help to put together the Kid Packs for children under the age of 12 who stop by the Neighborhood House with their parents. While the goods in the packs may change over time, they will generally include activity books, an age-appropriate reading book, crayons, and a healthy snack. The packs are a very effective way to promote education and literacy.

In some cases, what may be in the pack can help the children before they go to school. It will definitely help them prepare for it in any case. The reading material and other support is extensive.

Christmas and Thanksgiving Baskets is for the low income in Lubbock. Many single parents, disabled, and elderly need additional support around the holidays. The Neighborhood House can help those that live on fixed incomes at poverty level or below as well as the homeless enjoy their holiday. Thanksgiving meals and assistance is also for those that find themselves in a temporary financial bind, such as short term unemployment.

Hundreds of free Thanksgiving baskets are passed out to low-income families in and around Lubbock County Texas. Many churches, charities and social service agencies offer free Thanksgiving meals at locations, however the baskets from Neighborhood House make it possible for families to share in fellowship with a free, wonderful hot dinner in their own homes. Some households will also receive a voucher or gift certificate that they can use to shop for food at a supermarket of their choice.

Other emergency financial assistance can be used to pay the rent, provide for transportation / repairs if a car is needed for work, and other costs. Call the agency to see if they can meet your needs.

Note that all funding for the Neighborhood House and their programs comes from public and private grants or fund raiser drives. Please contribute money if you can. Dial (806) 741-0459 for more details and information.

The Neighborhood House is located at 1318 Broadway, Lubbock, Texas 79401. Call (806) 765-2639.



By Jon McNamara

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