Salvation Army Los Angeles financial assistance.

Low income residents of Los Angeles and southern California may qualify for help from the Salvation Army Family Services assistance program. All of the resources available are limited, including rent help and free food, and applicants need to meet a number of qualifications.

Clients and individuals who contact the Salvation Army can access programs that provide stable housing, and ideally will increase an individual’s income too. Some of what can be provided by Family Services includes rental assistance, clothing, emergency food support, shelter and lodging, and transportation assistance. Other resources help seniors, veterans, and may even provide free basic health care.

Food pantries and assistance

The Los Angeles Family Service Departments will each contain a food pantry that serves meals and groceries to members of their local community. The Salvation Army also works with various other non-profits and charities in southern California, as this allows them to provide large scale food distributions to the community.
Many of the food items are distributed seasonally, such as during the holidays of Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas. As resources allow, the scale of the food programs are increased proportionally to the need in a community.

Los Angeles seasonal financial assistance programs

The Los Angeles Family Services Department also can offer financial assistance throughout the year and during certain seasons. Some of the resources offered include utility bill payment assistance, back to school supplies, Easter basket distribution, Mother's Day baskets, job training and fairs, Christmas toy & food distributions, Adopt-A-Family, and gifts from Angel Tree.

The greatest needs are usually around the holidays. The Salvation Army will try their best to make Thanksgiving and Christmas enjoyable for children. Some of the programs include gifts from Angel Tree and Toys for Tots, coats, and of course warm holiday meals such as Turkey and Ham.





Self-sufficiency resources and case management

People who seek help using the various Los Angeles Salvation Army programs receive a holistic approach to meeting their challenges. The non-profit offers individuals with support, including physical and emotional, and social workers will help people transform their life. As individuals go about this, they can be directed to short term stability and financial assistance, including rental, electric bill, and food.

Most of the centers have information on emergency financial assistance programs, such as utility assistance from California Alternate Rates for Energy (CARES), Section 8 rental and housing vouchers, and eviction prevention. While the Salvation Army will rarely have money they can provide themselves, clients are more likely to get referrals.

Youth programs

Services are offered in Pico-Union, Hollywood, South Los Angeles, the San Fernando Valley region, and Compton. Social workers from the Salvation Army provide low-income inner-city children and their families as well with a supportive structured program. The objective is to help people make positive life choices and become productive adults.

Salvation Army veteran services

The southern California Salvation Army is dedicated to helping veterans, in particular with housing, jobs, and similar supportive services. Four separate military and veterans programs are offered, including the main one known as The Haven. Substance abuse, housing, information on job training and counseling is offered.




Health care and medical services in Los Angeles

Very basic health services may be offered to low-income and/or homeless individuals in Los Angeles. Some of the major health issues faced in these communities can be addressed by the Salvation Army.

Oxnard Medical and Dental Clinic – Will help patients, and will not turn anyone away from accessing services. This free clinic serves southern California, including people in the Los Angeles and Ventura County area. The community clinic can provide free or low cost medical and dental care to the poor and uninsured. A couple hundred people receive care per month. Most of the care is for basic needs, and includes conditions such as high cholesterol, hypertension, and diabetes. Receiving medical and dental care from these clinics will help people make their medical bills more manageable.

Alegria – This is a health care facility serving HIV/AIDS positive clients. Residents who are placed in the supportive housing apartment units have access to active case management as well as a community support system for their condition, with resources to help keep people on track.

Low income housing in Los Angeles

The Salvation Army operates several housing units, including Silvercrest Senior Residences, in southern California. Low-income seniors have a critical need for affordable, yet quality housing. These units help people by keeping them safe, and address the escalating housing costs and rental expenses in the region. Other seniors programs give older adults the opportunity to participate in activities designed to stretch them physically, mentally, and socially.





Los Angeles Salvation Army centers

  • Anaheim, 1515 West North Street, phone number (714) 687-9836
  • Salvation Army North County Coastal Area, Encinitas, CA 92023, dial (760) 753-7277
  • 5941 Hollywood Boulevard Los Angeles, CA 90028, call (323) 960-0640 for information
  • Long Beach, 1370 Alamitos Avenue, dial (562) 218-2355
  • 140 North Eastman Avenue, Los Angeles, main number is (323) 263-7577
  • 1532 West 11th Street, Los Angeles, call (213) 381-3747
  • South LA, 8601 South Vermont Avenue, Los Angeles, California main number (323) 759-7681
  • 4223 Emerald Street, Torrance, (310) 370-4515
  • 7926 Pickering Avenue, Whittier, dial (562) 698-8348


By Jon McNamara

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