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Los Angeles zero percent interest rate loans.

A non-profit organization, the Jewish Free Loan Association, can provide financing to qualified families in Los Angeles County or Ventura. The interest free loans are available regardless of the borrowers religion or faith. There are different types of programs offered and different uses of the funds, as indicated below.

Provided the applicant meets conditions that are in place and that funding is available, the no interest loans can be used for some or all of the following types of bills or expenses. These will tend to be for more everyday type living needs. The money from the Jewish Association can serve as a great alternative to other options, such as a car title or payday loans.

  • Emergency situations - The loans can be used to pay for security deposits, rent, or moving costs.
  • Transportation - This can include to repair a car or it can serve as financing towards the purchase of a new, used car.
  • Health care needs - While not as common, some expenses covered by the loans can be medical bills, medications, or dental emergencies.

Educational expenses and costs can be covered by JFLA. Loans from the non-profit can be used to pay for vocational, technical, college or trade school programs in southern California. Both graduate programs and undergraduate costs are included. There will be conditions based on GPAs, the financial condition / income of the borrower, and other factors.

The Jewish Free Loan Association of Los Angeles can help with medical expenses as well. Too many residents of the region have limited health insurance coverage, may not have access to any insurance at all, or face gaps in Medicare or Medicaid. Residents that are faced with a medical emergency can explore this type of financing.

The Home Healthcare program can assist parents, spouses, and their children. Some of the expenses covered can include medical Home Improvements including installing railings and ramps, Durable Medical Equipment & Supplies, In-home Care Providers, and maybe even respite for caregivers to the disabled or seniors.




Financing can also help pay for prevention needs for the elderly population in Los Angeles County. Zero percent interest rate loans can pay for the installation of automatic lights, rails and ramps in the home, kitchen and bathroom modifications, changes in flooring, or the installation of fall sensor devices if needed.

Children, infants and teenagers with special needs, such as a disability, may be able to qualify for interest-free loans from the non-profit as well. Thousands of dollars may be issued to provide the family with access to diagnostic expenses, durable medical equipment, home improvement needs and much more. There may also be funds available in Los Angeles to pay for specialized vehicles.

There is also a Women and Children in crisis program. No interest loans may be issued for victims of domestic violence or abuse. The funds can help them pay for their basic needs and to get settled. So they may not be able to pay for a new, safe home or apartment in the region, including Ventura County. Some of the types of bills that can be paid for include rent, security deposits, transportation needs, moving expenses, home furnishings, and clothing.

Special so called Life Cycle events may also be addressed use funds from the Jewish Free Loan Association. Examples of these costs may be to pay for funerals, burial costs, or other events such as weddings or Bar/Bat mitzvahs.

Those are just some of the more common types of bills and expenses covered by JFLA of Los Angeles. There can be other types of loans issued though in the region. While not as commonly requested, the non-profit can help pay for In Vitro Fertilization, resettling émigrés in Ventura County or nearby regions, small business start ups, or even the purchase of a home for Jewish Day School Teachers.





The terms and conditions of each interest free loan will vary. It can even depend on the use of the funds, whether it is for educational expenses or a rent payment. The applications will be processed on a case by case basis. Normally the co-signers credit is checked, and sometimes the borrower’s will be as well. If an applicant doesn’t qualify, the Jewish Free Loan Association may have referrals to other agencies or government benefit type programs that operate in southern California.

The maximum amount paid out will be based on the borrowers need as well as what the use of the funds will be for. So while there are limited to the program and amount offered, the individual will need to repay only the amount they received JFLA, and there are no extra charges or fees involved. The repayment schedule will normally require the borrower to pay a portion of the loan each and every month. But the terms of this can vary as well.

The process can take a couple weeks. Staff from the Jewish Free Loan Association need to meet to review and approve the application as well. So these are not crisis type loans that are issued overnight. Residents of the region should plan accordingly, and be prepared to provide proof of income, expenses, need, and other documentation.

To learn more, call the office in Los Angeles to schedule an appointment. There is also a center in Ventura County / the Valley. There will need to be an interview scheduled with a formal intake process that the applicant needs to go through.

The Los Angeles California office can be reached at (323) 761-8830 or the phone number to the JFLA Tarzana center is (818) 344-1072.



By Jon McNamara

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