Linn County and Albany Salvation Army assistance programs.

Several assistance programs are run by the Linn County Oregon Salvation Army. They help both low income families with exiting poverty as well as residents that are in an emergency. Other programs from the faith based Christian charity are focused on children and senior citizens in the Albany Oregon area.

Some of the assistance is offered weekly, if the non-profit has resources to do this. The center also needs volunteers to coordinate their programs too. The weekly assistance may include goods such as free groceries or boxes of food, or seasonal school supplies. Other aid is much more limited. There may be support for expenses such as heating bill help. However almost all residents of the county can request referrals or they may sign up for case management.

Linn County Salvation Army helps students grown and learn. This first and foremost goal of the charity starts with ensuring they do not go hungry and have the supplies they need. Therefore food, summer snacks when they do not have free school lunches available to them, and free school supplies are provided. As far as educational and recreation services, they place kids into summer camps or have volunteers that may offer tutoring. Everything that can be done to enhance their development is done.

Salvation Army emergency financial help in Linn County uses money from the Red Kettle and other sources. The center also received federal funds or allotments from the United Way. All of this money is combined to offer some or all of the following costs. Note that there are no guarantees to receiving financial assistance from the Linn County center, and all aid is paid out at the discretion of the Salvation Army case managers.

When available, there is funding for certain expenses such as winter heating bills. Another priority is keeping people (especially seniors and children) warm and comfortable during the colder fall, winter, and spring months that occur in Oregon. Therefore grants can assist with utilities and winter heating costs. This may include gas and other related costs.

Offering food, seasonal help, and basic needs is always available. This is one of the key resources from the Salvation Army in Linn County Oregon, and what may be provided is as follows.




-Holiday assistance includes free Christmas meals or gifts, Thanksgiving food, and the Angel Tree.
-An emergency food pantry has groceries, fruits, and holds cooking classes.
-During the summer and fall, back to school supplies are passed out to kids. This will help them get off on the right track during the new year..
-Personal hygiene items such as soap, toilet paper, detergent, and goods are given.

The Linn County Angel Tree is a Salvation Army program that helps spread Christmas cheer. There will be gifts given for free to children from the community. This can include clothing, small toys, and more. The charity feels it is very important for families to have a meal as well as a gift to open Christmas morning.

Other social service programs can also be arranged. These are not as much focused around financial support, but rather they try to address the needs of truly struggling residents. The Linn County Salvation Army can enroll drug or alcohol addicts into rehabilitation or counseling. There is disaster relief, including vouchers for paying for a motel, furniture, and meals. They also help women fleeing from DV or single moms who just need some non-judgmental advice. Other aid is also provided.

When applying for help, the social worker from the Salvation Army needs documentation. They should have proof of income (including from TANF, a job, and SSI), copies of a lease or utility bills, check stubs, identification and more. The office for intake is at 345 Columbus St SE, Albany Oregon 97321-4919, or dial 866-698-6155 for information.




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