Leon County and Tallahassee Salvation Army assistance programs.

Leon County families have been receiving assistance from the Salvation Army over the course of many years. Numerous services are administered from the Tallahassee Corp Centers. Low income families and others that qualify can receive access to a wide range of social services and emergency support, including for rent, food, and senior care. All resources are offered in an effort to meet basic needs, prevent homeless, and assist the less fortunate.

Emergency financial assistance and so called basic needs can be met. A food pantry will provide a limited amount of aid. The exact amount of non-perishable food and groceries provided to each household will be determined by the family’s income and household size. Some of the items distributed can include produce, meat, pastries, pasta, rice and bread. The Salvation Army also allows people to “shop” for what they need, so the pantry provides adults the ability to choose the foods they want for their families and themselves. The Salvation Army Food and Personal Essentials Pantry is located at 5012 W Tennessee Street, Tallahassee, Florida.

Housing type needs include rent, utility bills, and other costs. Most of this aid is offered to those facing imminent eviction or a disconnection of their power. Income limits need to be met, proof of hardship is needed, and full documentation will be required by Salvation Army caseworkers.

Other emergency aid may be offered too. On some occasions, the Salvation Army may offer transportation, prescriptions, and vouchers for other basic needs. If for some reason the Salvation Army can’t help you, or if you don’t qualify, then referrals to other resources are often available. The Salvation Army has information on and works closely with other Leon County non-profit organizations.

Another assistance program/resource is known as the Personal Essentials Pantry. The agency will offer products for household and personal hygiene, such as diapers, paper products, and laundry soap. Families that qualify and require help are provided with a list of products available at the pantry. Those in need will be able to select only what they need. Please also donate or contribute to the pantries if you can, as more items are always needed.





Disaster assistance is offered. To families that are impacted, the Salvation Army may offer personal care items, mass feeding, counseling and referrals for social services. All of this, and more, is offered for victims of weather related or other natural disasters.

Salvation Army staff have trained volunteers and they have created disaster response teams. The teams are available across Florida and nationwide. Volunteers try to positively impact the lives of those families and Leon County families impacted by a disaster. They offer basic services such as food, water, a hot meal, and short term shelter.

The Salvation Army, in particular the Corp centers in Florida, also focus on the elderly, senior citizens and the homebound in the community. They may be offered information on medical programs (such as Medicare), enroll into home delivered meal programs, can participate in activities at senior centers, and more. Those that are homebound or in nursing homes can get companionship too. There are also some financial aid programs for Leon County elderly families, including information on loans from social security and other sources of funds.

Children, seniors, and others that are struggling may enroll into Holiday and Christmas assistance programs. Some of the main ones are the Angel Tree and Adopt a Family. These are available in Leon County Florida and can distribute holiday cheer and support to those that are struggling. This can include free clothing, toys, clothing, gifts, and even entire meals. The agency, its staff, and volunteers try to spread the joy of the holidays to everyone in the community. Children should not have to miss out on Christmas due to a hardship that their family or parents are facing.




Primary Leon County centers

There are a few in the county. For referrals, or information on how to get assistance from the Salvation Army, call or stop by a location below.

  • 5016-5012 W Tennessee St, Tallahassee, Florida, telephone (850) 222-0304
  • 2131 Jackson Bluff Rd, Tallahassee, (850) 575-9798
  • A third Salvation Army office is at 206 W Virginia St, Tallahassee, FL, dial (850) 222-0304


By Jon McNamara

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