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Assistance programs Lafourche Parish.

Resources that can provide help with bills

Residents who are struggling, people who are unemployed and looking for any type of assistance can contact the Lafourche Parish Office of Community Action for help. They have various resources and programs that people can take advantage of to get help with bills and other everyday expenses.

A community service grant provided the parish almost $400,00 to assist those who are unemployed and in need of help.

There are several different resources and types of assistance for which a resident can apply to. They include the items listed below.

  • Emergency Services - This component will provide people with utility bill assistance, food vouchers, medication assistance and even grants that can be used to pay rent or mortgage.
  • Education Assistance - This includes after-school care, college tuition assistance, and information on scholarship programs. Click here to find an extensive list of college scholarships.

If you apply for either of these programs, please be aware that all the Emergency Services and Education Assistance programs are money based. The funding is limited. The programs will only pay out a limited amount of money to each family or individual who applies, and it will depend on the type of assistance that is necessary for the applicant.

In addition, there are also two types assistance not based on money and are more open ended.

  • Income Management - This assistance program will feature counseling and other advice so people have the skills necessary to be self-sufficient over the long term. It will help families and individuals manage their finances. For example, individuals can receive debt counseling, and information on credit card hardship programs. Click here to get more information on hardship programs.
  • Family Development Program - This component will feature free resources, counseling, and referrals to help encourage strong and healthier families.





As with all assistance programs, in order to be eligible residents must have valid identification, a valid Social Security card, and be able to provide financial data. Each type of assistance also requires other documentation for eligibility, and it will vary.

If you are a residents and are interested in learning more information, you need to call the Lafourche Parish Government Office of Community Action at 1-800-794-3160.

The Salvation Army in Louisiana administer assistance programs for Lafourche Parish and Thibodaux. Assisting with basic needs is a goal. There is free stuff such as food, clothing, and housing is a key focus, however some limited financial assistance may be available too. As funding allows, money may be offered for paying expenses such as rent or utility bills.

Food pantries, thrift stores and clothing closets can distribute groceries, Christmas meals, and items for school, including backpacks or other supplies. Also, case managers from the non-profit will work with low income individuals to address the cause of their struggle and may be able to direct people to resources such as federal government sponsored employment training programs. Continue with Salvation Army Lafourche parish assistance.

Churches and Catholic Charities operate programs across Lafourche parish. Some of what is offered includes food, holiday help, child development and also Project Self Help. These can offer financial aid for bills, job training, and more. A key focus is on preventing homeless in Thibodaux, so referrals to emergency rent or housing may be available.

The churches and faith based groups that are part of Catholic Charities provide basic needs, referrals, and support services. The charity will offer free food, clothing, and even car repairs. The struggling or unemployed may get referrals to government benefits such as disability or Medicaid. Or inquire into no interest loans for certain bills, such as energy or a rent expense. Find more details on Lafourche parish area Catholic Charities.


By Jon McNamara

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