Assistance programs from Kansas City Power and Light.

Find information on billing and payment plans from Kansas City Power and Light. The company offers some of its own direct aid as well as information on other non-profit organizations in Kansas City as well as federal government resources.

The Cold Weather Program is allowed for qualified customers with delinquent accounts. It was created in an effort to help them avoid the loss of service. It operates during the cold winter months in Missouri and Kansas. So while it will prevent the shut off of your service the enrolled customer will still be responsible for payment of electricity bills during this time frame. So it does not eliminate or waive the bills owed.

The average or budget billing program is calculated by averaging your usage over the course of the year. KCP&L will provide customers the ability to be billed a fixed monthly payment amount, regardless of the seasonal ups and downs that normally occur during the summer and winter. Each customer who enrolls will have their account reviewed and adjusted once per year.

Emergency grants and financial assistance programs are widely available. The company will try to connect people to local non-profit agencies, charities, churches, and other organizations in the region. While funding from many of these agencies is very limited, there can be times when they can help the less fortunate and needy. One of the main resources these agencies will help people apply for is LIHEAP, or the Low-Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This is a federal government funded program helps eligible low income and at risk households pay their Kansas City Power and Light energy bills. The funding for this program can change from year to year and it was intended to only pay a portion of your bill. To learn more on Kansas LIEAP dial 1-(800)-432-0043.

Another program known as Special Friend Registration is an option for the elderly as well as lower income customers age 60 or older. It is also available for those who are disabled or expect to be away for long periods of time. This is more of a notification resources as what it will do is notify a relative, friend or even an agency to contact if their payments become overdue. The person notified does not need to pay the bill. Call (816) 471-5275.




Save money and conserve energy from weatherization. This is a free service that is available to renters and homeowners that are found to be income qualified. The federal government weatherization program is also managed for KCP&L by county community action agencies. The free services and improvements offered include caulking and weather stripping.

Customers with fixed incomes and/or special needs can enroll in an Adjustable Due Date service. This is an assistance program that allows customers relying on Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security to schedule their payment due dates to better correspond with the receipt of their income and other benefits.

For seniors and people with a medical condition, the Medical Customer Program is for those customers who rely on electrically operated life-support equipment for a serious medical condition.

The Energy Gift Program is a donation/contribution program. This allows one person to put an “Energy Gift” on someone else's KCP&L monthly bill or account. So if you have a friend or relative who is struggling you can give an unanimous gifts to them from the Energy Gift program.

Another donation type program is Dollar-Aide. Over the years it has helped thousands of lower income and working families pay their heating, cooling and even water bills during financially challenging times. It is offered in cooperation with Mid America Assistance Coalition (MAAC) and the United Way of Greater St. Joseph. This particular program is funded by employee and customer donations along as matching grants from KCP&L. Call (816) 471-5275 to either apply for help or to give a contribution.




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