Jacksonville food pantries.

Jacksonville Florida food banks and pantries provide free food, meals, groceries, and other aid throughout the region. Centers operate both in Jacksonville and Duval County Florida.

The food and related items are distributed from a number of different non-profits, agencies, and local churches in the greater Jacksonville region. Usually anyone who needs help can get assistance, and rarely will anyone be turned away. Every year tens of thousands of local families turn to a pantry in the Duval County Florida region to get help.

Even in addition to providing food, many locations can offer other aid in the form of information, referrals, and phone numbers for other local assistance programs, including government programs. Staff at the sites do their best to assist the less fortunate and lower income. Also receive help in applying for government aid, food stamps, and holiday assistance, such as Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and gifts. Never hesitate to call a food pantry for help if/when you are in need.

Kester Kitchen of Murray Hill United Methodist Church
Address of the food bank - 4101 College Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32205
Phone number - 904-375-1304

Wayman Community Development Corporation
1176 LaBelle Street Monday, Jacksonville, Florida, 32205
Hours - Wednesday, Friday: 8:00am - 2:00pm
Phone - 904-693-1503

The Potter's House
5119 Normandy Blvd., Jacksonville, FL, 32205
Call for information on free food - 904-695-0181

Christ Church of Peace
Church address - 1240 McDuff Ave S., Jacksonville, FL, 32205
Boxes of food, canned goods, formula, and other related items are distributed.




Grace Church of Avondale
Address - 3519 Herschel Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32205
Telephone - 904-387-0418 ext. 101

SafeHouse of Jacksonville
540 Owen Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32254
Call - 904-425-4228

Lenox Ave. Church of God
3349 Lenox Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida, 32254
Two phone numbers are - 904-777-3029 or 904-982-2434

Bread of Life Open Bible Church
Location of church - 1181 Lake Shore Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL, 32205
Telephone - 904-910-7935
Call for intake and information on regional pantries and public aid that is available in Florida, such as SNAP food stamps.

Trinity Lutheran Church
1415 McDuff Avenue South, Jacksonville, FL, 32205
Hours - Monday - Saturday 10:00 am
This church is open limited hours. In addition to food, may have limited financial help for Duval and Jacksonville families as funding allows. Other services include clothing, household items, baby formula, and other emergency assistance. Find other national charities in the region and nationwide.

Christ Way Bible Ministries
Address - 3055 Lenox Ave, Jacksonville, Florida, 32205
Phone - 904-450-9318 or dial 904-554-4236

St. Catherine's Episcopal Ch.
Location - 4758 Shelby Ave., Jacksonville, FL, 32210
Call the pantry at 904-387-2061 for information on food and meals.

City Rescue Mission
Address – 234 West State Street, Jacksonville, FL 32202
Dial - 904-387- HELP (4357)
Dinner is served each evening and a temporary shelter is also available. The on site clothing closest is open every Thursday from 9am-1pm.




Greater Payne AME
1230 Claudie Spencer Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32206
Phone number - 904-355-6015
The site is open limited hours.

Horn of Salvation Ministry
Location - 757 King Street Unit #1, Jacksonville, FL, 32204
Dial - 904-333-7276
Provides the low income and needy with meals, spiritual guidance, and other aid.

Living Word Ministries
2953 Dignan Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32254
Telephone - 904-388-2373

True Light of God in Christ Holy Family
Phone - 2964 Thomas St., Jacksonville, FL, 32254
Dial the center at - 904-502-7932

Evangel Temple- Main Campus
Food pantry location - 5755 Ramona Blvd, Jacksonville, Florida, 32205
Telephone - 904-781-9393
Hot meals may be served. Volunteers may delivered food or meals to the homebound and seniors in Duval County.

Gateway Community Services
555 Stockton Street, Jacksonville, FL, 32204
Also runs a clothing closet for Duval County residents.

Arms of Mercy
Stop by pantry at 1453 W. 22nd St. A, Jacksonville, Florida, 32209
Phone - 904-354-2954
Limited food bank hours are - Tuesday & Thursday 10:00am - 4:00pm. Supports all of Duval County.

United Cong. for Community And Youth
1061 Line Street, Jacksonville, FL, 32209
Dial - 904-647-8524 or 904-720-0339

Salvation Army-Jacksonville
900 West Adams Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32204
Offers free food, meals, shelter, and other financial assistance. Various other social and family services are offered, including the possibility of rental assistance, medications, and free Christmas assistance. Continue reading on Salvation Army Jacksonville programs.

Evergreen Missionary Baptist Church
1100 Logan Street Monday - 2nd Month of the Month
Jacksonville, Florida, 32204
904-355-5430 or 904-356-7975





Hogan Baptist Church
8045 Hogan Rd, Jacksonville, FL, 32216
Phone number of church is 904-724-6200

Daily Growth Outreach & Ministry
2542-2 Firestone Rd., Jacksonville, FL, 32210
Telephone - 904-524-8295
In addition to the free food banks, a clothing closet, thrift store, and personal products are offered.

Charismatic Ecumencial Ministries Intl. of Jacksonville
6959 Torres Drive, Jacksonville, FL, 32210
Phone - 904-771-1196

Mission Uplift for Life Ministries
Center address - 1618 North Myrtle Ave., Jacksonville, Florida, 32209
Phone number - 904-444-5378 or 904-260-2569
Food banks hours are - Tuesday & Thursday 11:00am - 1:30pm
Will help qualified working poor, unemployed, and needy regardless of their religion or age. Students on break may also get a snack or meal.

Clara White Mission
Address - 613 West Ashley St., Jacksonville, Florida, 32202
Phone number -904-354-4162 Ext 108

Sweetwater Community Development
Location of pantry - 7185 Esther Street, Jacksonville, FL, 32210
Dial for help - 904-778-8281

Church of the Lord Jesus Christ
1534 N. Davis Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32209
Phone number of center - 904-353-5700

BethSaida Temple Ministries
Address - 1544 West 22nd Street, Jacksonville, FL, 32209
Dial 912-222-8400 or call 904-314-3804 for free food

Church of the Living God in Unity
Address - 5576-9 Timuquana Road, Jacksonville, Florida, 32210
Phone number - 904-545-8530

Cornerstone Baptist Church
3436 Lane Ave., North., Jacksonville, Florida, 32011
Food bank phone number - 904-786-1155

Immaculate Conception/ St. Francis Soup Kitchen
Address - 134 E. Church St., Jacksonville, Florida, 32202
Dial the church at 904-356-2902
Center hours and food is provided on Wednesday - Friday 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Catholic Charities Bureau- Jacksonville
Pantry address - 134 East Church St, Jacksonville, Florida, 32202
Phone number - 904-354-4846 Ext 221
A leading social service agency. Catholic Charities food pantry operates Wednesdays and Fridays, 1PM-2PM, please arrive early to sign up.  For emergency financial assistance, please dial 2-1-1 for a referral.

Greater Mt. Salem Baptist Church
Location address - 2335 Moncrief Road, Jacksonville, FL, 32209
Telephone - 904-356-4759
Call for when food is provided.




St. Vincent DePaul/Most Holy Redeemer
Food bank center is open at 8523 Normandy Blvd, Jacksonville, FL, 32221
Phone number - 904-786-3451
Can provide hot or cold meals, free food, groceries, and government aid. Also stop by for holiday meals and assistance. Government programs are administered too for Duval families.

Westside Ministries Inc.
23 West 8th street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32206
Dial for help - 904-353-5063

Community Freewill Baptist Church
8715 Herlong Road, Jacksonville, Florida, 32210
Telephone number - 904-982-8917

AOTA Bibleway Church
1025 Pippin Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32206
Two phone numbers to call are - 904-446-6662 or 904-768-9382

Celebration Church
600 East 4th Street, Jacksonville, FL, 32206
Dial the food bank at 904-737-1121
Homeless assistance, lines, blankets, and a lunch may be served. Please donate if you can. Alsolearn about local shelters.

Bridge The Gap
561 West 25th Street, Jacksonville, FL, 32206
Food pantry phone - 904-630-0741

Builders of the Faith
Address - 7575 103rd Street Suite 6, Jacksonville, Florida, 32210

Old Plank Road Baptist Church
8964 Old Plank Road, Jacksonville, FL, 32220
Telephone to call is 904-783-6942 for information on programs.

Dove Outreach Center
3503 N. Pearl Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32206
Phone number - 904-301-2400
Call or stop by for food, free groceries, baby food and diapers, and other financial help. Clothing and referrals to state and federal government programs are offered too.

Light In The Word Ministry Inc.
Address of center - 2137 North Liberty Street, Jacksonville, FL, 32206
Dial - 904-355-4060
Food bank hours - 9:00am-3:00 pm Mon. - Fri.

Central Metropolitian CME Church
4611 North Pearl St., Jacksonville, FL, 32206
Telephone - 904-354-7426
Hours of food bank is Monday - Friday 10:00am - 3:00pm

Central Metropolitan C.M.E Church
Address of church pantry - 4611 North Pearl Street, Jacksonville, Florida, 32206
Dial 904-354-7426 for details on free food and other assistance

New Life In Christ
6225 Norwood Ave., Jacksonville, Florida, 32208
Phone - 904-764-0220

Christian Fellowship Ministries - Evergreen
Address - 3302 Evergreen Avenue, Jacksonville, FL, 32206
Call for help - 904-358-0084
Canned goods, emergency bags of free food, rice, baby formula, and much more is passed out.

Inner City Ministries of Jacksonville
5518 North Pearl St., Jacksonville, FL, 32208
Phone number - 904-353-4627
Call for all sorts of help, including rent and energy, as well as food from this Duval County Florida agency.




Higher Ground Church of God in Christ
2514 Van Gundy Road, Jacksonville, FL, 32208
904-924-1416 or 904-629-6084
Only provides food on Tuesdays.

Greater Love Pentecostal Holiness Church
The church is located at - 1434 Oakhurst Ave., Jacksonville, FL, 32208
Dial for financial assistance and food - 904-233-9564

Kester Kitchen of Murray Hill United Methodist Church
Address is 4101 College Street
Jacksonville, FL 32205
Dial (904) 592-7459
There is free food and hot meals from a soup kitchen, which is accessible by the general public. Volunteers may also have referrals for low income Duval County families.

Household of Faith Church
Address - 1410 Edgewood Ave. W. Jacksonville, FloridA, 32209
Telephone number - 904-764-8400
May also serve Christmas and Thanksgiving meals or have gifts for children.

Northeast Florida Community. Action Agency
4070 Blvd. Center Drive Bldg. 4500, Jacksonville, Florida, 32207
Phone - 904-301-2812
The leading non-profit in Jacksonville and Duval Florida. Offers food, government assistance, utility programs, and other aid. Get help in applying for food stamps. Clothing and help for rent and housing may be provided.

North Jacksonville Church of God
7600 Kenya St., Jacksonville, FL, 32208
Call 904-768-4896 to speak to the pantry.
Open in the afternoons.

Jewish Family & Community Services
Address - 6261 Dupont Station Court, E., Jacksonville, FL, 32217
Telephone number - 904-448-1933
Walk-in food pantry open Tuesday & Thursday, 1-3 pm.  Non-perishable food for individuals and families in crisis.

Displaced Women's Connection
4020 Rogers Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida, 32208
Phone number - 904-768-9624

Gospel Temple Church of God in Christ
Address - 503 East 63rd Street, Jacksonville, FL, 32208
Dial - 904-504-7285

Christ the King Catholic Church
742 Arlington Road, Jacksonville, FL, 32211
Phone number - 904-724-8442
Serves hot meals, gently used clothing, and food boxes to the homeless and low income. May have information on local shelter resources.

Compassionate Care Ministry
9117 Lem Turner Road, Jacksonville, FL, 32208
Telephone number is - 904-924-0409

Compassionate Care Ministry
Food pantry location is 9117 Lem Turner Road, Jacksonville, Florida, 32208
Phone number - 904-924-0409

Campus Crusade for Christ
Address - 5860 Mt Carmel Terrace, Jacksonville, Florida, 32216
Phone number - 904-448-0737




The Carpenter's Shop
Food bank address - 1601 University Blvd North, Jacksonville, FL, 32211
Dial for help - 904-226-2056

United Community Outreach Ministry Emergency Services Center
Address - 3349 St Augustine Rd
Jacksonville, FL 32207
(904) 396-2401
Services offered include a food pantry, home delivered meals for seniors and the homebound. In addition to the food bank, learn about where to apply for government food stamps, and also Thanksgiving and Christmas meals and gifts for children.

DCF Adult Protective Services
5920 Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville, FL, 32211
Phone number is 904-723-5700, or you can dial 904-723-5746.

Adonai Worship Center
Center address - 2130 University Blvd North, Jacksonville, Florida, 32211
Telephone - 904-379-1840
Food bags, meals, and lunches may be offered, including canned goods.

Central Church of the Nazarene
Church and food pantry address is 2130 University Blvd. North, Jacksonville, FL, 32211
Dial 904-743-2044 for hours and referrals to non-profits.

Hillcrest Baptist Church
7673 Collins Road, Jacksonville, Florida, 32244
Dial - 904-779-9033

JU Upward Bound
3105 University Blvd North, Jacksonville , Florida, 32211
Call for help - 904-256-7150

Christ Followers Church Fellowship
Address - 1057 Broward Road, Jacksonville, Florida, 32218
Phone number - 904-864-5390
Services include a thrift store and free emergency food boxes and groceries.

Kings Road Baptist Church
Location of food bank/pantry is 6510 Barth Road, Jacksonville, FL, 32219
Dial for help -904-764-6750

St. Vincent DePaul/St. Patricks
1429 Broward Road, Jacksonville, FL, 32208
Dial - 904-768-2593
A great place to call for shelter, rent, food, and other assistance, including government programs. The charity can also direct people to government and state food assistance programs, and help people apply. Also learn about home delivered meals for seniors and the elderly.

Northside Christian Service Center
Address of center is - 10435 Biscayne Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida, 32218
Dial - 904-446-5074

Garden City Church of God
10765 Lem Turner Rd., Jacksonville, Florida, 32218
Dial for help - 904-200-1255
Hot meals, fruits, vegetables, and more is offered. Dozens of families turn to the center.

Calvary United Methodist Church
Address - 112 Blanding Blvd., Orange Park, FL, 32073
Dial for help - 904-272-4210





Foster Drive Baptist Church
Location and address of pantry is 1884 Foster Drive, Jacksonville, FL, 32216
Phone number - 904-725-5585

Calvary Baptist Church- Jacksonville
4040 Dunn Avenue, Jacksonville, Florida, 32218
Phone number - 904-781-7339 or 904-764-4631

PSI Family Services
Address - 3890 Dunn Avenue Suite 1104, Jacksonville, Florida, 32218
Telephone - 904-723-6049

Our Redeemer Lutheran Church
Address - 5401 Dunn Ave., Jacksonville, Florida, 32218
Phone number - 904-766-4728

Baymeadows Missionary Baptist Church
Address - 4826 Baymeadows Road, Jacksonville, Florida, 32217
Dial 904-733-3400 for food, referrals or information.

Bethany Church of God in Christ
8800 Arlington Expressway, Jacksonville, FL, 32211
Phone - 904-616-5364
Some of the perishable items include fruits, vegetables, breads, meats, and more.

Bethsaida SDA Church
861 Townsend Blvd., Jacksonville, Florida, 32218
Phone number - 904-662-1881

Peace Presbyterian Church
Address - 2300 Southside Blvd., Jacksonville, FL, 32216
Phone: 904-710-0438

Christ Church Food Pantry
9794 Old St. Augustine Rd, Jacksonville, Florida, 32257
Call the food pantry at 904-945-8338
Free bread, applications for food stamps, and more may be on site. Call the center in a crisis and when you have no other options.

Orange Park United Methodist Church
Address - 152 Stowe Avenue, Orange Park, Florida, 32073
Phone - 904-264-2241
This church can provide perishable food such as fruits, vegetables, and breads. They also partner with other local food banks and charity organizations to coordinate as many low income programs as possible to seniors, the low income, and unemployed.

Assembly of God Pentecoastal- Jacksonville
Address - 9770 Hogan Road, Jacksonville, Florida, 32246
Phone numbers are 904-866-7316 or 904-652-8315

Resurrection Christian Life Center
2141 Loch Rane Blvd. Suite 118, Orange Park, FL, 32073
Phone number 904-282-8307
Center hours are Sunday & Thursday 9:00am - 2:00pm

Oceanway Assembly of God
12240 Sago Ave., Jacksonville, FL, 32218
Dial the food bank at 904-751-0552

New Mt. Zion Church
5410 Nathan Hale Road, Jacksonville, Florida, 32221
Telephone of pantry - 904-803-0506

To locate additional food banks, pantries, and distribution centers in Duval County and northern Florida dial 904.353.3663. Centers can also serve hot meals, deliver food to seniors, and provide free summer food and snacks to students.

By Jon McNamara

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