Hudson County New Jersey public assistance.

Find information on services and resources in Jersey City and Hudson County New Jersey. Programs range from cash assistance to public aid, health care, as well as job finding and training programs and resources. The Urban League has details on how the county can help meet short term needs by providing cash and referrals. Importantly, services and resources can help the unemployed find a job or improve their skills through training.

Hudson New Jersey One Stop Employment Center – Clients, including unemployed, welfare recipients, seniors, and teens can receive comprehensive job placement assistance from the Urban League. Qualified clients will be able to meet with a so called Job Developer to get help. You can learn about, and possibly register for, job training, get assistance with creating resumes, preparing for interviews, job readiness and searching services for locating suitable employment opportunities in New Jersey.

The Employment Center also services local businesses and employers. It can provide them with easy access to highly motivated and trained employees from any of the Training and Employment programs. Staff from the Hudson County Employment Center may be able to assist employers with both identifying qualified employees for a position, and they can also even help employers find and secure the state and federal government tax-breaks available to employers.

Learn about and apply for cash assistance from the Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF). The federal government created and publicly funded T.A.N.F. program can provide financial assistance to qualified families to help them pay for their basic needs and bills. This is done at the same time as the client is looking for a job. Cash assistance can be used to pay for food, energy bills, medications, and rent costs, among other expenses. In addition, the Urban League department processes childcare payments for active WFNJ (Workfirst NJ) participants. Clients of the child care programs must also be attending an approved activity (employment or training) in order to receive a child care subsidy from Hudson County NJ. Other social services and referrals can be offered from TANF.

In order to get help for child care costs from TANF, the client's case manager will need to refer him/her to the Urban League's CCR&R division for child care services. This can lead to the Payment Process starting. If so, the payment process is started once a contract is received at the TANF department, and this contract needs to be obtained from the client’s child care counselor.





Please remember that a check can only be issued once a valid voucher is submitted and processed by the department. Also the payment voucher can also be generated by the Urban League on a bi-weekly basis covering a two week period of service.

The Work First New Jersey Program can also assist people in finding and paying for quality child care using public funds. The division can provide counseling, social services and child care to families who are receiving support from the Temporary Aid to Needy Families. This Work First program assists qualified clients in finding and paying for quality child care. The Hudson County New Jersey Urban League can assist individuals; however they need to obtain a referral from the Board of Social Services. Urban League counselors are trained to conduct vacancy checks at various licensed centers, they can counsel each participant about their child care options, and assist with registered family day care homes. A participant using the child care assistance resources may even decide to choose a Friend, Neighbor, or even family member as a provider of the child care services.

Receive subsidized childcare voucher payments from the Hudson County New Jersey Cares for Kids. This public funded program provides vouchers and cash payments for full time students as well as working families who meet the guidelines mandated by the state of New Jersey. This childcare subsidy which can be facilitated by the Urban League through the NJCK Program will assist families in paying for preschool-age children, childcare for infants, toddlers, children with special needs up to age nineteen (19), preschool-age children, and also for school-age children up to age thirteen (13). Childcare can be provided by summer day camps, licensed childcare centers, registered family day care homes, care by relatives and friends, and also School-age child care programs.

The Hudson County Urban League also runs the Alternative Work Experience Participants (AWEP/GED) service. This is really an Adult Basic Education program that provides support to people who have never completed their high school education, or who have been out of school for an extended period of time. It provides them the ability to acquire their high school diploma and/or sharpen basic skills. Get help including instruction in writing, math, reading, and communications, all of which can help participants do better in future, more advanced training classes or in the job market itself.




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