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HOPES CAP assistance programs in Hoboken.

Get information on the non-profit HOPES Community Action Partnership (CAP) and the programs they administer. They are a leading nonprofit agency for the low income, poor, and unemployed in the city of Hoboken in Hudson County. While some short term financial assistance may be available, mostly by referrals, the staff work to make positive changes in the lives of clients.

Utility bill assistance programs

Look into emergency water bill assistance. HOPES CAP is an official application agency for United Water Cares and New Jersey American Water. These programs represent a major relief for low-income families. By providing grants to assist with making water bill payments, the United Water Cares helps out people who have been experiencing temporary financial difficulties. Aid is also offered from a network of social service agencies located in the Hudson County community.

In addition to United Water Cares, New Jersey American Water also helps those in need by providing them with a grant of up to $500.00. The funds need to be used for water bill payment. Their H2O Help to Others Program is suitable for all qualified customers who are facing financial crisis. Eligibility for applying is based on the number of people in your home and also the total monthly household income.

There are other options as well. These are in addition to the potential support from the H2O Help to Others Program, New Jersey American Water provides assistance to people through LIPP - Low Income Payment Program. The program helps qualified customers by offering aid that equivalent to as much as 20% of a customer’s monthly bill. A household is eligible for the program if its total monthly household income does not exceed targets in place from the Federal Government Poverty Level.

The agency has programs, or information on resources, for different types of utilities. Among the numerous community services available, HOPES works to help residents of Hoboken who have fallen behind on their heating or energy bills due some financial difficulties. They are an official, approved application agency for the NJ SHARES assistance program. Staff can advise clients on the process.




Low-income families who want to apply for the state mandated program need to document their temporary financial crisis and need to have had a past history of good-faith bill payments. Once the application is approved by the state of New Jersey or the community action agency, a low-income household is entitled to receive (as funding allows) a one time grant of up to $700 for their heating source and a few hundred dollars on their electric account.

NJ SHARES helps the struggling and low-income, who may in fact by your neighbors, who are facing financial crisis. It depends on donations. So the neighbor solidarity of New Jersey's utility customers is displayed through participation in the program. Contribute if you can.

SafeLink Wireless is a Discount Cell Phone Program. The HOPES community action agency is also an official application agency for this resource. It provides help to eligible customers by offering a free cell phone and minutes of airtime each month. This way, HOPES assists clients with the application process and provides lasting, ongoing support for SafeLink customers.

Other Financial and General Assistance Programs from HOPES CAP are available. The non-profit agency organizes additional support programs for low-income families and individuals needing assistance with the following. Get help with SSDI applications, Social Security, Food Stamps (SNAP), Medicare, FEMA Applications/Long Term Emergency Management, Medicaid, and even Unemployment Compensation.

Additional HOPES Community Action Partnership programs

Get information on free cancer screening from the New Jersey Cancer Education and Early Detection Program, or NJCEED. It is one among many of the HOPES programs assisting low-income households in Hoboken with financial difficulties. The NJCEED program educates the members of the community about check ups and free screenings. The agency is also making efforts to provide aid to the qualified residents of Hudson County by referring them to Hoboken Family Planning facilities in several areas like in Union City, Plainfield , Hoboken, West New York, and Elizabeth.





The VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) is another HOPES community service program that helps working poor and even moderate income taxpayers by providing them with Income Tax Returns at no cost. The tax preparers who perform this service are professionals trained by the IRS. The highly trained tax preparers provide assistance with special credits like Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), information on property taxes, Child Tax Credit, and Advice for the Elderly. The non-profit will also provide e-filing to individuals from VITA.

Financial education and literacy is for low-income youth, adults and seniors. They can get this support via several different credit counseling and Financial Literacy programs. They are available to residents of Hudson County, Hoboken and Union County, New Jersey. The goal of the program is to help its participants with saving money, building assets, enhancing money management skills and improving credit. HOPES Financial Literacy is supported by an extensive partnership network.

The sessions educate people and families on various topics in order to improve their financial knowledge so that they can set goals and obtain financial life markers such as home ownership. Also get information and advice on vehicle purchases and college tuition. If necessary, participants of the sessions can also use one-on-one counseling sessions.

Examples of the Early Childhood Programs, offered by HOPES, are Head Start (to prepare for Preschool), Early Head Start (Expectant Women, Infants and Toddlers), and State of New Jersey Funded Preschool programs. These various resources are paid for by the Federal Government and are available at several schools and centers in Hudson and in nearby Union County.

Early Head Start and Head Start, serving youth, expectant women, children from birth to age five, are comprehensive child development programs. The student is always the focus. The main goal of both of these programs is on increasing the school readiness of young children and there are also benefits for the parents as well. The services of Early Head Start and Head Start are individual and cover areas of education, free medical, dental cleanings, mental health care, nutrition and more general access to social services. The resources also encourage parent involvement and also disabled children from Hoboken are also entitled to support.




Elderly residents of Hoboken that are sixty years of age and older have the opportunity to take advantage of HOPES CAP Senior Services. Comprehensive services include Free Assisted Transportation, Education, and General Information and Assistance. The goal of this particular community action program is to give senior residents opportunity to live independently. It is often combined with Adult Services. This offers a support to adult low-income individuals with achieving their personal, educational, and professional goals through a number of programs like Adult Academic Courses and Professional Development Workshops.

The Main office of HOPES Community Action Partnership is located at 301 Garden Street, Hoboken, New Jersey 07030. Call 1-855-OK-HOPES for applications or information.

By Jon McNamara

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