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Healthy food on a budget blog.

The internet is flooded with food blogs. Unfortunately, most of them are not helpful to the tens of millions of Americans who live paycheck to paycheck and who struggle to feed their families or who are “food insecure”. There are some options out there for most of us “regular people” and find the best blogs for those of us who are low to moderate income.

The said truth is most of the food and cooking blogs out there many have recipes with ingredients home cooks use once and abandon in their fridges or pantries until they wilt and mold. For cooks wanting to learn more techniques while maintaining a budget, it can be frustrating cycling through page after page of identical, unrealistic recipes. These blogs provide amateur chefs as well as low income families affordable recipes, meal plans, and instructions they can use in their busy, everyday lives.

1. Budget Bytes

Budget Bytes author Beth shows her range of knowledge by sharing international, vegan, keto, and comfort food recipes. Each recipe includes an informative write-up, step-by-step pictures, and a price breakdown for each serving. By often including substitution instructions, Budget Bytes helps cooks reduce food waste with diverse, delicious meals and just a few ingredients. She has also partnered with Feeding America in an effort to help families reduce the amount of food waste they have.

In addition to recipes, readers can find instructions for meal plans, proper food storage, and chef-level techniques. The website's user-friendly index divides recipes by region, meal type, and ingredient, making searching for spicy chicken arrabbiata or hearty black bean quesadillas very easy.

2. $5 Dinners

Erin Chase is a blogger who is committed to helping people shop for, and prepare, a dinner under $5. The food blog has a number of healthy (as well as unhealthy!) recipes for less than five dollars. There are also meal plans and grocery shopping tips, as the key to eating under $5 per meal is preparation. After all, as Ben Franklin said, “Failing To Prepare Is Preparing To Fail”

Not only are dinners covered, but Erin also has meals and recipes for breakfast and lunches. With tens of millions of families being “food insecure”, and about 15% of children living in homes where they are not guaranteed a meal, the $5 Dinners Blog can hopefully help narrow that gap.




3. Student Eats

This is great for younger people, whether college students or young adults who are just entering the workforce. However parents or any low-income families can use the recipes, all of which are tailored towards the limited budget that a student has.

There are healthy vegetable recipes. Or find cost effect, meat based meals as many younger people need their protein! There is a quick and simple drop down menu to find recipes around meat, pasta, lunch meals, toasties, wraps and more. Almost all of the meals are under $5 or $10…ideal for students living on a budget or a low income family with kids to feed.

4. Couponing

No matter which of these blogging websites you may decide to use (if any), it is always a great idea to look into coupons, rebates, and other resources for saving money. As the blogs that show people how to eat healthy food while living on a budget, you can save even more money as well and combine it with these blogs.

Some of the logs and websites include, which is both print on demand on e-coupons. If you are looking for a coupon blog in which you can get tips on how to use coupons, doubling them, and combing savings with meal preparation, try As this combines the best of both worlds…couponing and healthy food. There are many other options out there, and locate other places where you can get free coupons.

5. The Frugal Chef

To help families stay on budget and eat healthily, Mary Ann created Frugal Chef after the US economic recession in 2005. Though many of her recipes reflect Mary Ann's Bolivian heritage, she also offers a variety of diet-friendly and international dishes. Many recipes have a video of Mary Ann preparing the dish and all contain nutrition information.





Mary Ann's recipes contain ingredients that can be used in many dishes, but her unique combinations of herbs and spices make each meal unique. Her lists of conversions and substitutions help home cooks use what they have to make tasty, healthy meals like chicken-based sopa de fideo or vegan chicken salad with jackfruit.

6. Broke Ass Gourmet

Remember the great recession (if not depression) from 13 years ago? Broke Ass Gourmet's was created in the midst of the financial crisis. Lets just hope we are not at the start (or in the midst) of another!

This food blog features weekly recipes all of which are under $20. The creator of the blog, Gabi, also talks about wine, drinks and other types of meals. There are also tips on shopping and how to find, and pay for cheap groceries. Broke Ass Gourmet also features and partners with coupon websites and tech companies which can help low-income families either (1) save money on groceries or (2) get cash back for shopping they do. Try this blog if you want to feed your family on an affordable, but still realistic, budget.

7. Plant-Based on a Budget

By using common ingredients, blog author Toni helps vegan and vegetarian cooks avoid pricey specialty groceries. While most lower income families can’t envision eating a plant passed diet (and maybe they should not depending on what their medical professional may or may not say) the plant based blog can help them navigate the topic. At most, readers may need to purchase tofu or plant-based milk and butter. Recipes shy away from trying to mimic meat and instead highlight fruits' and vegetables' natural flavors through proper seasoning.

Toni created this blog in 2012 to share vegetarian recipes with friends. Since then, it has become a huge resource for plant-based recipes, free meal plans with $25 a week budgets, and techniques. The blog is a communal endeavor, as Toni collaborates with other cooks on books, recipes, and podcasts. Matzo Ball soup is one of the blog's more popular dinner recipes, while the strawberry applesauce makes for a great snack.

8. Pocket Change Gourmet

With a mix of seasonal, five-ingredient, and family-friendly meals, blogger Michelle helps busy cooks cover their bases throughout their week. Unique treats like ice cream slushies make this a good resource for both meal and party planning. Posts group recipes together in categories like "Speedy Weeknight Dinners" and "Quick and Easy Lunchbox Ideas" to give readers a lot of ideas all in one place.





This website is especially useful for family meal planning, including ways to use leftovers creatively to reduce waste. With video tutorials, kitchen tips, and kitchen gadget reviews, Pocket Change Gourmet provides cooks with the knowledge they need to craft their own menus and meal routines. For a weekday dinner, try the easy stuffed shells with meatballs and mozzarella. For a fun party treat, search for the spring party punch.


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