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Hamilton County Ohio eviction help and rapid rehousing.

Lower to moderate income renters in Hamilton County Ohio that are about to be evicted, or have lost their residence already and are homeless, can get help. Resources such as Supportive Housing Programs as well as Emergency Solutions Grants (also called ESG) both try to prevent homelessness or rapidly re-house families across Cincinnati and the county.

There are eviction prevention programs for single individuals as well as parents. Resources are also available for the disabled, single mothers, and senior citizens in Hamilton County. As long as income requirements and other criteria are met, the person is allowed to seek assistance. Though there are no guarantees to receiving support from any program or agency.

Hamilton County ESG - Emergency Solutions Grants

Agencies in the community may be allocated money from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). The grants will target families as well as individuals who would be lose their home to foreclosure or an apartment to an eviction but for this assistance. So the HUD program is intended to stop homelessness.

It takes both a pro-active approach as well as reactive to stop evictions. What this means is that it will pro-actively offer short or medium-term rental assistance to tenants from Hamilton County with a pay or quit notice from their landlord. The reactive side of the ESG grant provides for rehousing. This will pay for motel vouchers or security deposits. Staff from agencies such as Strategies to End Homelessness will also support the family via housing search and placement services.

Hamilton County services will always provide stability through case management as well. This is both part of the eviction prevention program as well as rapid-rehousing services. There is no getting around the fact that the client needs to take the hard steps involved to “help themselves” gain housing stability. HUD grants are not a free hand-out to anyone.





There are various application criteria in place. Income requirements will be based on state of Ohio income levels, which sometimes are tied to poverty. The monthly rent or mortgage payment amount must also be less than regional levels, as this will prove the home is affordable. Hamilton County Ohio eviction and foreclosure prevention programs will not assist if the home is just too expensive.

Also, the process will require participation from the landlord. They will need to also participate if the proposed solution requires mediation or some form of payment plan on the arrears due for the rent. If the eviction is being caused by unpaid utility or heating bills, then the utility provider will also need to take part as well as there may be a payment plan used for that bill as well.

Eviction help in the city of Cincinnati as well as Hamilton County is also for those with a Notice to Quit from the landlord or apartment manager. Any type of assistance from ESG is one time only, so the applicant will need documentation verifying they are behind on their rent due to a non reoccurring hardship.

Programs to rehouse families in Hamilton County

The referral number indicated below, which is the Central Access Point, can be considered to be a central location to learn about programs in the region to rehouse a recently evicted person or the chronically homeless. Staff from various non-profits will partner with the applicant to find one suitable home or apartment for the family's particular situation. There will be an initial interview done in which the terms and conditions will be reviewed.

Temporary Shelter may be the first step in rehousing. There are centers for victims of domestic violence, families with children, veterans, and others. As part of this process, a specialist from a local agency will work with the client to create an action plan based on participants’ individual experiences. Basic needs will also be met during this timeframe, such as food, assistance with school enrollment, and referrals to job programs in Hamilton County.





Financial help is available as part of Rapid Rehousing from Emergency Solutions Grants. There may also be Security Deposit Guarantees put into place using state of Ohio or HUD funds. Money is only available for those that were evicted and that have met the goals from the case management process. While each plan will vary based on the individual's circumstances, there are normally objectives around saving money as well as employment.

Supportive Housing in Cincinnati is another homeless prevention program. Note this resource will help people with disabilities who are homeless or those with a mental illness. Non-profits will help the client assess the options available to them and support them as they apply to programs such as Shelter Plus Care.

For this SPC program, the applicant needs to been facing eviction or homeless, and be living in a public or private place not meant for human habitation. Or if the disabled person is in a shelter, transitional housing, or motel, this too may qualify them for support.

For information on how to stop an eviction, or to locate a new home in Cincinnati, the Central Access Point is an effective resource. During regular business hours, the number is 513-381-7233.




By Jon McNamara

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