Hagerstown area Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army social services department and thrift store in Hagerstown Maryland supports all of Washington County. The faith based, christian church group will run anywhere between 10 to 15 assistance programs for qualified low to moderate income families. The social services may change throughout the year. The type of aid available in Hagerstown will vary, but the charity does its best to help.

Some of the programs involve worship services for teens, adults, and families. Other resources are more focused at providing emergency financial assistance, and those programs range from free shelter to a food pantry, meals, and even the possibility of financial aid for paying rent and/or heating bills. This is all combined with casework services from the Washington County Maryland Salvation Army.

Hagerstown resources

Housing – There are three ways in which the charity may assist. They include emergency overnight shelter, transitional housing, and referrals to financial help. As there may be some grants to pay for rent, deposits, or other housing needs. All of this is very limited.

A focus is on preventing homeless in Hagerstown. The Salvation Army may not only have occasional funding, but they also refer tenants to everything from legal aid to energy bill programs. As there are resources available in Maryland. Or locate a listing of other assistance programs for low income families.

Nutrition and Food programs – The Hagerstown Salvation Army works to end hunger, feed families, and otherwise ensure families have the food they need. The services help senior citizens, children, and students out of school among others. But anyone that is struggling can use the local pantry.

The assistance comes in a few different forms. There is of course a food pantry on site, which gives groceries, baby formula, and other household supplies (cleaning, detergent, etc.). Other resources range from help in completing SNAP food stamp applications to Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. Lastly, which is a similar service, is the thrift store. This allows people to shop for household and other supplies.





Casework and Management Services – The Salvation Army does its best to end the cycle of poverty. Clients will be able to work with a staff member on addressing the cause of their crisis. This service covers many different topics, as noted here.

The process is holistic. It reviews income from all sources, including a job, child support, or benefits such as SSI disability. There is also an assessment of career goals as well as credit scores or repair, among other things. This is done for all household members. A plan is then developed to get the client on a stronger financial footing, and the advice is provided on an ongoing basis.

Assistance programs for children and students – There are three from the Salvation Army in Washington County. They include Day Camp Activities, school supplies, Residential Camping Activities, and of course Christmas toys and food from Adopt a Family/Angel Tree. Most focus just on the kid. But the holiday assistance may also benefit the entire household too. Senior citizens, the homeless in Washington County and the lonely are also given a free meal.

Another key program is Disaster Services. The Washington County Maryland Salvation Army often is there first, before any group or other local agency. They bring food, water, blankets, and comfort those that are impacted. They then help them resettle by issuing items from a thrift store or other resource that may be available.

The main site is at 525 George Street, Hagerstown, Maryland 21741-0747. For intake and/or information, dial 301-733-2440.



By Jon McNamara

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