Free medical and health care in Georgia

Northeast Georgia Medical Center

This hospital provides a substantial amount of free and charity medical care. In fact, they have been  providing more care to low and moderate income, as well as underinsured and uninsured patients, than the state of Georgia requires.

The Center has been praised for providing up to three times the amount of indigent and charity health care than is required by the Department of Community Health. In addition, the hospital has a history of providing financial assistance, grants, and other support to local health care causes and clinics.

For example, since 1999 the Northeast Georgia Medical Center has given $2.6 million to Good News Clinics. In addition, during 2008, the hospital has contributed almost $5 million in health care services to the Health Access Initiative, which is a referral service that helps connect patients with doctors and assists with obtaining some free prescription medications and other services.

Last year the center provided almost $21 million in free medical care to Hall County residents. Ask them about how they can help you if you are low income or do not have adequate health insurance.





The Good News Clinics

This is a Christian ministry that helps people of all backgrounds, regardless of religion. They provide completely free medical, pharmacy services, and dental care to Hall County residents who have no other source for care or no other place to turn. Click here to find additional free health care programs.

The clinic was created in 1992, and it is currently the largest free health care clinic in Georgia. It receives funding from local businesses, private donations, grants from community hospitals, and support from other volunteers from the community. It is open 8:30-5:00, Monday through Friday. To qualify for aid, a patient can’t have any type of other health insurance, they can’t be eligible for government programs such as Medicaid or Medicare, and they also need to have income that is no greater than 150 percent of the federally defined poverty level.

Last year, Good News Clinics’ medical and dental patient visits totaled almost 16,000 people. The amount of care provided was extensive. They filled over 62,000 prescriptions for a total retail value of over $3.3 million. Other volunteer services offered to patients include physician, dentist and other professionals were valued at over $6 million. Find other ways to get free medications. More.


Health Access Initiative

While this is not a hospital, HAI is a provider that connects patients who need aid with physicians, pharmacists, and other caregivers in the health care network who will see patients. Some of the other services offered include HAI will assist in coordinating medications, diagnostic testing, etc. that are required to carry out a physicians care plan. People of various income levels are helped, as HAI allows working people in Hall County who make too much to qualify for government programs such as Medicaid (but who cannot afford medical insurance or medical care) to receive the free or discounted medical attention they need.

Additional resources offered include : Medication assistance to fill prescriptions, Special referrals to physicians who provide care,  ancillary services such as x-rays and lab work, and counseling and special assistance in helping patients obtain referrals for other government programs that they may qualify for.




By Jon McNamara

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