Public assistance in Fort Bend.

If you are facing a crisis then government assistance in Fort Bend County Texas may be able to help. The Social Service Department is the main organization that offers assistance to those who need help when they are faced with an emergency. Any type of support provided is very short term in nature. Some examples of what may be provided includes housing, rental assistance, health care, and of course food. Funeral costs may also be paid for as well. The social service department may also be able to help people sign up for federal government public assistance as well, such as SNAP food stamps or Medicaid.

Some of the more financial assistance provided can assist with shelter needs. This includes rent and maybe even mortgage payments. No deposits will be paid for, whether security or utility. The social services department may also have information on utility assistance, including such resources as the low income home energy assistance program and weatherization. Basically Fort Bend County does what it can to prevent homelessness.

Basic needs can also be met by food and medical bill assistance. The county can help those with needs in purchasing food items and groceries for them and their family. Or you can receive advice and guidance with prescription medication purchases for both emergency and non-emergency prescriptions and other medical issues.

Funeral and cremation support can be provided by the Pauper Burial program. This is definitely a more limited service and the department will approve pauper burials on a case by case basis. Qualifications include the family needs to show no means of paying for and burying the deceased on their own. For example, the family cannot have any assets or resources available to them that can be liquidated. They also can't hold any insurance policy on the deceased that covers burial costs.

Seasonal programs are offered around Christmas and the back to school period. For example, the “Share Your Christmas” Food Drive (which is held every year in the county) gives non-perishable and canned food items to low income families, seniors, and those faced with poverty. The “Walk With Pride” program can provide free shoes to students and children. Other supplies may be available from time to time as well.




The Social Service Department is a great place for Case Management services. The government agency assists those residents who are in need of help in credit repair, household budgeting, and overall financial literacy. Staff can even assist qualified clients in paying their bills, applying for public aid, and maintaining records of all expenditures.

Social services and public assistance is available to qualified residents of Fort Bend County Texas. Clients must sign a mutual contract for any services and often attend financial literacy/budgeting type workshops.

The Fort Bend County Veterans Service Office also provides support. Case workers will promote the rights of military members, veterans and even their dependents. Government programs are put into place by the United States Armed Forces. The county will work collaboratively with the Department of Veterans Affairs and other veterans' organizations to ensure they apply for and receive the entitlement they deserve. A number of assistance programs are offered. Examples are below.

  • Home visits to the disabled and elderly.
  • Work with a specialist on the completion of various VA forms from burial benefits to education.
  • Get help with documentation and forms such as marriage license, divorce decree / death records, driver license, and similar ID.
  • The county will help veterans apply for federal government benefits. This includes Compensation for Service Connected Disability, pensions, Insurance Claims, Death Compensation, GI Home Loan Guaranty and more.
  • Veterans also have access to education, health care programs, low interest rate loan programs, housing repairs, and programs such as the Hazelwood Act.

For information on these or other social services dial 281-342-7300.




By Jon McNamara

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