Florida uninsured health care programs.

State of Florida residents who lack health insurance, or who have limited coverage, can apply for a number of assistance programs and medical services. The state works with local government and non-profit organizations in an effort to ensure that low income families and the disadvantaged can receive some form of health or dental care. Some resources are focused on meeting the medical needs of senior citizens in Florida.

The programs are offered to patients who meet qualifications, which will include income limits, Medicaid eligibility, and more. Some are focused on children and others may be targeted for specific medical conditions, such as cancer. While there are no guarantees, these various resources can help provide affordable, or maybe even free, health care and medications to thousands of families across the state.

A summary of the various plans are below. While some will depend on government funding, if the particular service or agency can’t meet your needs then ask for referrals or other guidance.

Florida AIDS Drug Assistance Program – Get access to HIV/AIDS medications for uninsured and underserved individuals who meet income limits. The federal government funded program pays for a number of FDA approved HIV/AIDS-related medications. There is often an extensive waiting list in place; however exemptions to that list can be made from time to time based on need and other factors. 800-352-2437

AIDS Insurance Continuation Program (AICP) – Counselors and case managers can help people who are diagnosed with AIDS/HIV maintain their existing private health insurance coverage. Qualified clients will be able to retain their private health insurance plan. AICP may be able to pay up to $750 per month directly to the person's insurance company or employer, and all funds provided are for the continuation of affordable medical coverage. Phone number - 305-592-1452.

Florida Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection Program (FBCCEDP) is a low cost/free screening service funded by the state and non-profits. The tests and assistance provided can include mammograms, clinical breast exams, lab work, Pap smears, and other specialty care. Dial 800-227-2345 for intake and appointments.




Children's Medical Services is a form of public health coverage for children with special needs and the disabled. Assistance is only offered for those who are uninsured, meet low income guidelines or who are underinsured. Applicants need to have a serious or chronic physical, behavioral, developmental or emotional condition that requires extensive medical care. The program can pay for hospital care, doctor visits, immunizations, routine physical, prescription drugs, and more. Call 850-245-4200

Florida KidCare is the states version of CHIP. It is a government funded health insurance program for uninsured children under age 19 and may even cover more moderate income families. Children and teenagers can qualify for checkups and immunizations, doctor visits, hospital services, surgery, prescriptions, mental health services, vision and hearing, and dental care. Children covered in Florida will often come from middle income households. Call 888-540-5437

Florida Telecommunications Relay, Inc. (FTRI) can help people who have a speech impairment or hearing loss. It can provide for a specialized phone and ring signaling devices and equipment will be loaned out to those who need it, whether a senior citizen or elderly person. 800-222-3448

Vaccines for Children Program of Florida offers free medications and vaccinations for children from uninsured families. While the program is organized by the state, all assistance is provided at local health centers and/or community clinics. This is offered for the uninsured, children who are Medicaid eligible, as well as American Indian or Alaska Natives. Main number is 808-483-2543.





The Florida Medicaid program is available, and it is a federal and state funded, quality health care for eligible low-income residents and the working poor of the state. It can provide coverage for families with children, eligible low-income individuals, infants and pregnant women. The Medicaid insurance program can pay for many different types of medical bills and treatments, and there is no cost for people who meet income guidelines. Phone number is 888-419-3456.

Another version of Medicaid can also provide for select forms of treatment, including breast and cervical cancer. This may be offered for people who were diagnosed from FBCCEDP (see above). This is offered under the Medicaid Treatment Act. Call 888-419-3456 Opt 3

Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan in Florida is the state’s version of health insurance for those denied coverage from an insurance carrier. The state can help coordinate and provide coverage for people due to pre-existing medical conditions. This state plan is run and paid for by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. It can pay for a broad range of primary and specialty care, prescription drugs, and other aid. There are deductibles, premiums and out of pocket limits that may be due from enrollees and applicants need to choose from multiple plans. So basically if you have applied for, and were denied, private health insurance coverage then this plan may be able to help. Main number is 866-717-5826.




By Jon McNamara

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