Family Housing Advisory Services.

The Family Housing Advisory Services is focused on preventing homelessness and stabilizing families. The non-profit provides help in Douglas, Pottawattamie and Sarpy Counties in Nebraska, and they offer everything from supportive programs to referrals to financial aid and mortgage counseling.

The staff work to addresses the challenge of homelessness in the covered region. This is accomplished through the provision of a range of services, both government and privately funded, to help those who are homeless and those who are at risk of evictions or foreclosure. The agency will offer assessment, case management, rental assistance, budget counseling and subsidy information to help people move from hopelessness into long term, affordable permanent housing as well as greater self-determination.

Programs for homeowners

The non-profit provides HUD-certified pre-purchase education and one-on-one counseling. Family Housing Advisory Services works in partnership with LA RAZA and NeighborWorks America-certified counselors to assist potential homeowners. Course topics include avoiding predatory lending, how to enter into purchase contracts, budgeting, credit, financing, inspections, insurance, and down-payments.

This service helps homebuyers in many ways. It will assist them with determining whether they are ready and prepared to own and maintain their own homes, review and improve their current financial standing, understand and determine their current financial status, identify potential properties and financing opportunities, gain knowledge of the purchase, mortgage, and closing process and procedures.

The FHAS Foreclosure Prevention services as provided as part of the US Housing and Urban Development. There are a number of certified counselors that offer one-on-one education and counseling to assist homeowners who are delinquent or facing foreclosure. There may also be financial support for a mortgage payment, as noted below.

Individuals that live in Nebraska and are at risk of losing their home, they may qualify for options that can help them get back on track. FPP has helped thousands of families over the years from the Council Bluffs as well as Metropolitan Omaha areas through crisis intervention and counseling services.




Rent and tenant solutions from Family Housing Advisory

Family Housing Advisory Services Supportive Housing Program may be able to assist homeless individuals who suffer from mental illness or a disability. There is help given to them in their efforts to lead more productive lives and gain stability. Supportive Housing operates according to a community-based service model, providing housing in Sarpy as well as other counties combination with support services. This can include education, mental and primary health care, alcohol and drug services, case management, employment, and social services.

It is effective as well. This pairing of low income housing or apartments as well as support services has proved to be of benefit, not only to participants, but to their neighborhoods and communities such as Pottawattamie County.

Tenant Services assist those that rent their home or apartment. There is a focus on families who are experiencing housing crises, are homeless, or are at risk of becoming evicted. As part of this solution, the Homesearch Program helps locate permanent housing and coordinate support for the efforts of homeless individuals and families who are working toward self-sufficiency. It can also direct clients to affordable loans or other source of financing.

Prevention also helps with maintaining current housing in counties such as Douglas or there is advice on seeking alternative options in order to prevent homelessness. FHAS effectively addresses the challenge by directing persons to local shelters. They are involved in providing case management, budget counseling, assessment, housing rental and subsidy information to move currently homeless families from hopelessness and despair to a stable environment.

The FSP - Family Support Program provides limited financial assistance with mortgage, rent, and utility bills payments. There is also housing education as well as private financial guidance to households at-imminent risk of becoming evicted or losing a home to foreclosure. The aim is to help people quickly regain financial and housing stability after a crisis.





FHAS is administrator in Douglas County and other towns for the Individual Development Account Program (IDA). These were created to be matched savings accounts, meaning that every deposit made by the participant is matched by the agency or the government.

There are restrictions in that saved funds are to be used to accumulate assets, such as post-secondary education, a small business, or a home. This gives income-eligible individuals and families the opportunity to build assets, improve their lives financially, earn assets, and add wealth to their lives in the form of assets.

Smart Change functions as a complement to the more advanced IDA financial management program which is referenced above. The course is involved in providing basic financial literacy information and education to low-income women, including single moms. The program also includes a matched savings incentive, and teaches clients money management skills, basic financial education principle, and other incentives to jumpstart a financial empowerment effort.

The location is 2401 Lake St., Omaha, Nebraska 68111, dial 402-934-7921. Other offices are noted below as well.

  • South Omaha Office is located at 3605 Q St., Omaha, NE 68107, telephone 402-546-1013
  • Council Bluffs Office is a center at 10 S. Fourth St., Council Bluffs, IA 51503. Call this FHAS office at 712-322-4436.
  • Chadron Office is at 130 E. Second St., Chadron, Nebraska 69337, dial 866-432-4346.



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