Faith Mission and Help Center emergency assistance programs.

Faith Mission and Help Center is all about helping the less fortunate in Washington County Texas. The charity provides several services, with a focus on satisfying basic needs. The support can come in many forms, including food or meals from the Cannery Kitchen, a low cost health clinic, emergency financial help for rent or utilities, and even everyday supplies including free clothes.

Any type of assistance, especially when it comes to financial aid, is provided on a case by case basis. Funds are limited, and applicants should bring proof of income, residency, copies of leases/bills, and supporting documentation. Any official screening process will be done before any assistance is offered.

Food programs

There are two main ones. One is the free food pantry, which requires vouchers to be used to “shop” there. The assistance is given to applicants who meet all of the requirements of the Faith Mission Help Center. The office, which is located at the main office, can have non-perishable items to help feed a family before hunger sets in, and all clients are of course assisted on a case by case basis. Generally there are dozens of people assisted per week.

Free hot meals may also be served. As indicated, since the charity relies heavily on volunteers, those individuals often prepare meals and collect surplus food from the Washington County Texas community.

This program is known as Cannery Kitchen. It is a hot buffet that approved individuals and/or families can use, including the homeless. It will provide them the meal they need to help prevent hunger for a short period of time. But while there the clients can also learn about the other assistance from from the Brenham based Faith Mission.

Faith Mission basic need services

This is where both the financial support comes into play (funds for assisting with rent, electric or cooling bills, and more) as well as other more traditional basic needs, which will be shelter or clothes. This type of assistance is even more constrained as providing money for paying living expenses is costly and can only be done on a limited basis.





When seeking funds for paying any bills from Faith Mission, applicants need a copy of eviction notice, disconnect letter from their utility provider, and details on their hardship. There should also be a self-sufficiency plan put into place. If there is no way to prevent homelessness from occurring, then the Faith Mission emergency shelter may be used. It will provide temporary lodging for clients that meet the background requirements and that are out of all other options.

Free vouchers to obtain select clothing items are also available at Faith Mission. The items can be picked up at the Higgins South Resale Shop, which is a form of thrift store. There can be clothing for work, boots, shoes for kids, and many other items redeemed by a voucher. After all having proper attire is also a basic need, and the team at Faith Mission works to this goal.

Low cost, sliding fee health care is also available Faith Mission partners with other groups in Washington County to coordinate this service. It can benefit dozens of working poor as well as uninsured families. Basic physicals, some vouchers for medications, immunizations, and other services are available. There are also referrals to other free clinics in Texas. Mental health counseling is also available in partnership with programs from Texas A&M Rural Health.

Growth and development

Faith Mission wants to help low income families become self-sufficiency. To this end they help children grown and develop from programs such as Science, Math, Art, Reading, and Technology (SMART). There are also a number of job placement and training programs available. They can help adults gain skills for jobs such as nursing, manufacturing, and many others. Whether it is tutoring for a student, or growth and development for a working class adult, resources are arranged by Faith Mission.

The Faith Mission and Help Center is located at 500 E. Academy St., Brenham, TX 77833. For information call 979-830-1488.



By Jon McNamara

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