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Credit card hardship letter examples.

Below you will find examples of hardship letters. They can be used as a starting point when dealing with a creditor. While a hardship letter will not magically get you out of debt, it is a great tool to use to begin the process. There are several things to consider when writing a credit card hardship letter to creditors, and they include:

  • Your first letter should offer to pay anywhere from 15-25% of the total balance outstanding on your credit card debt.
  • Be polite, considerate, and professional in the letter.
  • Never sound extra eager to settle your credit card debt as time can be on your side. The reason being in that the older your debt gets, the harder is for them to collect it and the more likely they are to offer you a deal.
  • Present them with an offer that you can afford to pay off.
  • Send them copies of financial documents, including pay stub (or unemployment info), bank statements, investments, copies of expenses such as utility bills, mortgage payments, etc. They will need all of this documentation, and maybe more.
  • If you are not familiar with debt settlement programs, learn more before sending the letter. There are different ways to apply for a legit debt settlement program.

If a lender agrees to starting a hardship program as a result of the letter sent to them, be prepared to pay the creditor per the terms agreed to. If the payment is not made for the outstanding credit card or other debt debt, then the agreement will become null and void.

Example #1 of a credit card hardship letter

Note, all text in italics should be replaced with information on your personal situation.

Credit Card Issuer’s Name
Mailing address
Credit card company phone number

RE: Hardship Letter

I am writing you this letter as I need to inform you of my present financial condition and the difficulties that I am experiencing. I am asking for a settlement of my credit card balance. My offer is twenty percent of my outstanding balance.





I have experienced a considerable drop in my income over the last X months and with the high interest charged on my account, I can’t continue to pay my monthly credit card payments of X dollars per month. Please provide me relief on my credit card bills due to this financial hardship.

I have enclosed in this envelop copies of my financial statements and documents. I have included my past due statements for my credit card bills, copies of late payments statements, my pay stubs and 2 months of proof of income, last 3 months of bank statements, information on repossessions, copies of credit card statements. Please let me know if you need more information.

After you agree in writing of your decision to accept my offer of a settlement, the total amount I owe will be mailed to you within 5 business days.

I also want to let you know that I am making similar arrangements with all of my other creditors, including other credit card issuers, so that I do not have to file for bankruptcy.

Please review my offer and thank you for any effort that you can make to help me in this regard.

If you have any questions or want to discuss my proposal, please do not hesitate to call me at (provide personal phone number)

Thank you for your consideration.


Your name
Mailing address
Phone number
Credit card account number

Credit card hardship letter example #2

Credit card company's representative (if you have it)
Credit card company's name
Company's phone number

RE: Hardship Letter for credit Card Account list your account number:

Dear Name:

Due to my recent financial condition I am writing you this letter to request a settlement of my unpaid debt at 20 percent of the balance due.

Over the last X months my household income has dropped considerably due to (job loss, medical condition, illness, etc.), which has made it impossible for me to continue to make my full monthly payments. Please see the proof of my hardship below/attached..





Please find enclosed copies of my financial statements, information on my income, and other documents that will prove my hardship at the current moment. (Be sure to include any late payments statements, bank statements, car repossession, records of your income, past due statements, etc.)

Please note that I am trying to avoid a bankruptcy filing and that I am currently requesting debt settlements with all of my other creditors with whom I need to make similar arrangements and plans.

I am requesting that you seriously review and accept my settlement offer. As soon as you accept it in writing, I will immediately mail the payment to your organization within five business days.

If you have any questions or if you wish to discuss this settlement offer, please do not hesitate to call me and I can be reached at (your phone number).

Thank you.


Your name
Account number


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