Dougherty County assistance programs.

Rent and heating bill assistance

Dougherty County Neighborhood Service center and the Southwest Georgia Community Action Council have programs that help Albany Georgia and Dougherty County residents pay their bills. They have grants and other financial aid that can be used to help people keep their power on and also funds to help pay rent. The main office is located at 901 N. Jackson St., Albany, GA 31701, and the phone number is 229-883-1365.

Some of the programs they offer local residents include

Crisis Intervention For Rent and Energy Bills : This service provide grants and other assistance that can be used for the payment of utility bills, heating bills, funds for the purchase of food, and also provide provision of emergency shelter in situations that prevent utility service cut-offs, minimize malnutrition, and programs and funds that will stop eviction of a family or individual from their housing. Funding for the program is provided primarily through CSBG, federal government agencies such as FEMA, local sources, and also the United Way.

Additional Energy and Housing programs : These resources are offered by the Southwest Georgia Community Action Council. They were created to help people conserve energy, lower their utility bills, and to also lessen the financial hardships experienced by low to middle income people of high home fuel/utility costs. The program offers free energy saving upgrades by weatherization measures such as insulation, weather-stripping, sealing, caulking of the home, skirting, and other minor home repairs and energy saving enhancements as needed and permitted by funding sources. The funds are provided by the federal government and also some other funds by the state of Georgia.

In addition, other grant and low/no-interest loan programs are designed to repair deteriorating housing conditions and ensure people live in safe housing. Funding for repairs is provided through George Department of Energy, Federal Home Loan Bank of Atlanta, Rural Housing of USDA, and other sources as they become available to the community action agency.





Emergency Services from Southwest Georgia Community Action Council: The non-profit will try to arrange financial help for those Albany Georgia area families that show the ability to pay future bills on their own. As an example, if a client has a short term reduction in hours at work that may result in homelessness, then rental assistance grants may be issued if they show they can get back on track. Other resources range from Senior Meals to food or WICA job training. SWGACAC helps the working poor in the region. More information.

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) : They administer the federally funded LIHEAP program. The heat assistance program is based on your total household income. It's paid for by the federal government and applications are accepted once a year, usually in the November to December time frame.

Other Programs - Still more aid is offered. Including the USDA Surplus Commodity Distribution, the Robert J. Clinton Children's Summer Camp, Work Experience Placement, the Emergency Energy Assistance Program (EEAP), Informal Child Care Health and Safety Training, and also the Family PRIDE Parenting Program. Additional housing solutions include federal ESG grants for paying security deposits and transitional housing. They also partner with Georgia HUD foreclosure counseling agencies.

Many of these assistance programs and resources are offered with counseling. As the primary goal is both to provide people with grants and funds to pay bills over the short term, but also ensure families and individuals are self sufficient over the long term.



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