Albany and Dougherty County Salvation Army assistance programs.

The Salvation Army Family Services Division in Albany Georgia provides various forms of assistance. The charity will focus on housing needs by providing rent, energy bill help, free Christmas toys, or shelter from a center near their main social service office. Two other key programs from the center in Albany Georgia include their free food pantry as well as case management, which is used to end the cycle of poverty.

Any type of financial aid is for an emergency only. The client will need to prove that they are out of options, have taken all of the steps they can on their own (such as cutting back on expenses and taking on additional hours at work), and they also need to contribute to what is due. When these, and other qualifications are met, the Dougherty County Salvation Army may have financial help for the following.

There may be funds used for medical, housing, employment, and utility needs. The money may pay some of the rent due to a landlord, or utility or water bills can be paid. When it comes to medical or employment costs, the Salvation Army uses a voucher system. Low income residents in Dougherty County Georgia may be given a free voucher for gasoline for a job, prescription drugs, or work clothing.

When all else fails, and the person is now homeless, then the Albany Salvation Army overnight shelter is an option. At least when there is space available. Of course the Family as well as Social Services division would rather work with the client to help them get caught up on paying their rent, but when that is not possible, try the shelter. There may many services given to guests.

-Hot meals, including breakfast.
-Clothing, use of showers, and hygiene items at the Day Center for the homeless.
-Use of a computer to seek employment, applying for public aid or benefits, and more.
-Non-judgmental counseling, both spiritual and other.
-If the shelter is full, then sleeping bags may be given as well as referrals. Or clients of the Salvation Army can explore additional housing programs for transitional families.





There are programs available for meeting basic needs. Some of the resources are free, such as the use of the food pantry. Other basic need programs are available for a low cost, and this is what the thrift or Family store is used for. Both of these Salvation Army Albany Georgia social services rely on the generosity of the community. As there comes donations of surplus food or household supplies, volunteers working at the pantry, and other contributions. There is also a soup kitchen (with daily breakfasts and a weekly dinner) that is run in partnership with the United Methodist Church.

The Salvation Army Dougherty County Red Kettle is also relied on for funding the assistance programs available. Yet one more service that depends on the generosity of the community. The money donated can not only pay to keep the Salvation Army office open, but donations also help pay for the food pantry, rent and shelter programs, the thrift store, and more. Bell Ringers are also always needed to help ring the Red Kettle.

The Salvation Army Family Services in Albany Georgia also assist children, senior citizens, the homeless, and disabled among others. These groups, when they have a limited income (or their parents are poor when it comes to children) often are at extreme risk. They have higher rates of homelessness, health issues, and hunger. So the Family Service Division will also focus on them.

There are a few ways they help these individuals. There are free Christmas gift and school assistance programs for children, including Angel Tree and free back to school supplies. Seniors can request the delivery of a box of food or hot meal, and the disabled may also receive additional support. So whether it is a free Christmas toy for a child or summer camp, or a ride for a senior, additional Albany Georgia Salvation Army Salvation Army programs are available.

While not used as common as some of the other services, the Disaster Relief program is available. Volunteers, and professional staff, help people that have been impacted by an event. They respond during house fires, floods, and other critical periods.




The Albany Georgia Salvation Army is part of the state and nationwide network of charities. For information, or to get financial support, the office is at 300 West Second Avenue, Albany, GA 31701, dial (229) 435-1428. The Salvation Army has a few locations in the county. A homeless shelter is based at 304 West Second Avenue in Albany. The low cost thrift or Family Store is at 300 West Second Avenue, Albany, GA 31701.


By Jon McNamara

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