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Free prescription medications from the Dispensary of Hope.

The Dispensary of Hope is a non-profit organization that has created a nationwide network of prescription medication dispensing sites. The locations are available for low to moderate income patients as well as the uninsured. The service will assist people who lack prescription drug coverage. It provides them with free or heavily discounted medications and drugs.

The organization provides both short-term and long-term assistance to those individuals and families who earn under 200 percent of the federal government income poverty line, which today accounts for about 10 percent of the nations entire population. The Dispensary of Hope also gives medications to the millions of Americans that lack health insurance. So millions of people could benefit from the Dispensary of Hope programs.

This not-for-profit organization will collect and distribute a wide variety of prescription medication from a variety of sources including drug manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, physicians' offices, and distributors who send them their excess inventory of medication as well as donated medication. It has been operating since 2003. It primarily helps those people without prescription drug coverage or health insurance.

Dispensary of Hope is one of the nations’ leading providers of pharmaceuticals and medicines to uninsured patients. The network they use to distribute the free medications is rapidly growing, and it is sustained by local partnerships as well as partnerships with drug companies like Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson and others.

To date, the Dispensary of Hope has collected and distributed hundreds of millions of dollars worth of pharmaceuticals to those who need assistance. They have also filled for free hundreds of thousands of prescriptions for patients who otherwise couldn't afford to pay for their medications. The program hands out close to 100,000 prescriptions a year most states. For more information, dial 615-736-5075..

Currently the organization has dozens of offices located in a number of different states. They work directly with doctors and other companies in those states to get patients their much needed medicines. They also work with drug companies and their patient assistance programs.

How does the Dispensary of Hope program work?

They ask physicians in the local communities to donate a portion of their sample medications and surplus meds so that they can be used to help uninsured residents in the local area. For example, currently in Knoxville Tennessee they have hundreds of doctors as well as medical practices/hospitals that are donating medications to the local Dispensary of Hope branch. This same concept, of partnering with local hospitals, doctors, and other medical professionals has been replicated across the US.





The Dispensary of Hope will track, sorts and pass out unused sample drugs to patients. Pharmacies use a Web-based system to order the medications, and patients pay little money for prescriptions, or they can them for free. According to the journal Medical Care, pharmaceutical companies across the nation distribute over $18 billion in free drug samples every year to doctors and others. However, up to $4 billion worth of those drugs go unused, and get discarded. The Dispensary collects those unused medicines (before they are discarded!) and passes them to people in need.

Another service they offer is referrals. If you're in need of any type of medicine and for some reason do not qualify for Dispensary of Hope's services, there are other avenues and programs they may refer you to. One other option that they can help with is they can ask your doctor about going directly to the drug manufacturer for your medications.

Apply for donated medications

Most states are supported, and the non-profit continues to expand across the nation. Even if prescription medications (either brand or generics) are not available from the Dispensary, as noted they also provide referrals. As the organization has information on everything from community clinics for medical help to hospitals, coupon sites, Patient Assistance programs and more.

The Dispensary of Hope programs operates nationwide as a non-profit organization. Most of the support is for the low income, households in poverty, and those that lack health insurance. Other income restrictions and conditions are in place, however for more information or to apply for assistance, dial 615-736-5075 for details.


By Jon McNamara

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