Salvation Army assistance programs Delaware County Ohio.

The Delaware County Worship and Service Center is where the Salvation Army operates from. The charitable organization is involved in offering a number of assistance programs to the needy in the community, ranging from clothes to free food, financial help, and holiday services.

This location is part of the wide regional organization that supports not only Delaware Ohio, but also the central part of the state. There are several categories of assistance that can be provided. Of course this will depend on the resources available as well as the applicants income, financial situation, and other criteria.

Grant based assistance is an option. Funds can be issued for some critical living expenses. Many are seasonal and also depend on funding. The money often runs out. Another criteria is any grant or low interest loan is for people who meet income guidelines of 125% of the Federal Poverty Level. What may be offered in a crisis is the following.

  • Back rent or housing assistance.
  • Utility, heating or energy bill help.
  • Vouchers, which may pay for medications, clothing, gasoline for work, and other needs.
  • Short term placement into shelters.
  • Advice and possible security deposit help as part of permanent housing placement.

Delaware County Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation programs helps clients by giving them a pathway to a clean and healthy life. The process involves everything from counseling to basic needs, such as good healthy food or clothes. Rehab also involves enhancing life skills as well as personal relationships.

Free clothing as well as furniture vouchers are by appointment only. The items generally come from the thrift store, and are for people recovering from a disaster. Or they can help the formerly homeless (that now have an income) who are moving into a new apartment or home in Delaware. Other beneficiaries can be for women or kids fleeing domestic violence, as the clothes and furniture can help them get settled.





Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Holiday assistance programs feed the elderly, provide free presents to kids, and offer food to families. The Salvation Army Worship and Service Center in Delaware County works with local stores, businesses, and volunteers to keep this running. The application periods will be a few months before the holiday in question, with hot meals served closer to Thanksgiving and/or Christmas.

Professional Development and Career programs involve technical skills, education, and job search among other things. As there are many companies in Central Ohio or work from home companies that can be a place for a skilled person to work. As having a position, whether in an office or a home, with a decent salary is key to paying rent or bills on time, financial stability, and more.

Delaware County food programs are also part of what the Salvation Army Worship and Service Center does. There are really 5 parts to this. There is a hot lunch meal program. Food pantries can also assist when an emergency assists, and there are groceries and more. Senior citizen food boxes also help the elderly, and a produce giveaway also takes place.

Salvation Army emergency disaster services give everything from psychological support to free clothing, motel vouchers, and advice. Much of this is done in partnership with the American Red Cross, as they also help respond to events.

There is also after school learning centers in Central Ohio, as well as Delaware Ohio. The Salvation Army helps kids before the 9th grade. Staff and volunteer teachers tutor kids. They also mentoring and provide other support, all of which is focused on students to get them back on track. Or keep them on the path to increased education.

The Salvation Army Center is also a Christian church organization that gives financial aid and more. The center is in Delaware County, Ohio, and the address is 340 Lake St, Delaware, OH 43015. Dial (740) 369-5301.



By Jon McNamara

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