Public and government assistance in Davidson County Tennessee.

Davidson County residents who need help may be able to get assistance from Metropolitan Social Services. This non-profit organization provides a wide range of services and assistance programs to help residents who are in need or facing an emergency. These public programs will help people make it through a short term hardship, but also more importantly promote positive change for families and individuals who need longer term support in times of economic hardship or crisis.

A wide variety of services are offered to people who need help. What is offered includes one of more of the following.

Case management and counseling.

Get information & referral to local non-profits as well as public assistance. For example, get information on TANF cash assistance and LIHEAP utility bill help.

Homeless Services, including eviction prevention advice. These housing and Homeless Services can address the needs of homeless families and individuals by providing supportive services and coordinating direct cash assistance and resources with partner agencies. The goal of Davidson County Tennessee is to end homelessness within 10 years. So access low income housing, information on rental and deposit assistance, and more.

Davidson County Burial Services and Funeral Assistance may be able to provide financial assistance to families experiencing grief from the loss of a loved one. The public funded program can offer the usual and customary services, such as the preparation and equipment provided by funeral establishments, to Davidson County families. If the family prefers, then cremation can be offered too. Receive assistance for transport expenses of the deceased and also get use of the funeral chapel whenever possible and applicable as well.

This is but one of the funeral programs for the indigent in the Nashville Tennessee region. Additional assistance is available, using both public as well as non-profit funds. Families that are living in poverty, and that have no assets or savings available, can receive help with funeral and burial costs. The amount of aid provided will cap out at a maximum dollar amount.





Senior Nutrition Services – This may be able to promote the overall health and well being of persons who are over 60 years of age by providing free food and/or nutritious meals at congregate meal sites. The organization can also deliver meals to senior homes or those who are homebound. Metropolitan Social Services can provide a daily low-cost, nutritional and satisfying noon day meal, and all items are served in congregate settings or delivered to the home of the client. The meal needs to contain at least one-third of the daily allowance established by nutritional authorities, so the ingredients are healthy.

Adult and Family Support Services, which can be reached at (615) 862-6432, will seek to address conditions within the greater Nashville Tennessee community and/or provide information and education to help families and individuals maintain their highest level of functioning within the Davidson County region.

Call to speak with a social worker, who will identify the needs of customers and offer referrals and information. Specialists can try to link customers with either local, state of Tennessee, or even federal community agencies and public assistance programs that deliver services to meet those needs. Brief counseling is also provided, and the agency is solution-oriented for individuals with short-term goals and needs.

Davidson County Adult Homemaker Program will serve disabled and frail elderly adults who need help with personal care and household tasks.




Relative Caregiver Assistance offers Family-centered Casework; Life Management Skills Training; School Success Tutoring as well as Parenting Skills Development.

A number of other services are offered in Nashville and Davidson County. Locate more programs.

Metropolitan Social Services is based in North Nashville, and can be reached at (615) 862-6432. Call them for information on a host of public assistance programs and government aid, as well as learn where to turn to for help with paying bills and basic needs.


By Jon McNamara

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