Public assistance in Dallas.

Short term financial assistance housing, help for energy bills and other resources are provided by Dallas County Health and Human Services. Low income families, seniors, and disabled are often given priority for these various public assistance programs and resources. Each of the offerings is intended to help an individual make it through a short term financial hardship while offering longer term case management and self-sufficiency. Call 214-819-2000, or find information below.

One of the programs in highest demand is the emergency financial assistance that is offered (as funding allows) from Dallas County Health and Human Services. Resources are focused on the low income and indigent residents across the county. The welfare program will only provide cash and public assistance for a short period of time, and applicants need to be committed to going back to work or finding employment. Or financial assistance will be offered only until an applicant can find help from other services or non-profits. The emergency assistance program can help with one or more of the following.

  • Housing, including help for paying rent and security deposits.
  • Utility assistance is offered to stop a disconnection.
  • Transportation to medical appointments or job interviews.
  • Free or low cost food and vouchers.

Housing assistance from Dallas County Health and Human Services

A number of rent, housing, and low income rental units are in place to help people faced with a crisis or homelessness. Additional housing and loan programs can help accommodate the needs of Dallas County families as they try to buy a new home.

Section 8 Housing Assistance Program – Usually has a long waiting list, but it can provides financial assistance, rent vouchers, housing inspection services, and counseling. The goal is to help low income families find safe, affordable, and clean housing and apartments. Units can be either privately owned or public housing. Dial 214-819-1871 for the latest information, including updates on a waiting list.





The Dallas Family Self-Sufficiency Program is in place for current section 8 recipients. Social workers can provide case management and supportive services to enable applicants to achieve self-sufficiency and economic independence. The family program assists low income Section 8 Program participants with development of employment skills and training as well as growing their basic educational needs. Also get referrals and information on various public assistance programs. Self-sufficiency and services can be provided for up to 5 years. Call 214-819-2889 to reach the program coordinator.

Homeownership opportunities are also offered as part of the Section 8 Homeownership Program. The DCHHS organization provides information on buying a home and low interest loans to eligible Section 8 Program participants. In addition, Section 8 financial assistance and the vouchers can even be applied for homeownership purposes.

Dallas County Health and Human Services Comprehensive Energy Assistance Program

Both financial assistance and energy conservation can be offered from this energy bill program, which is also known as CEAP and is paid for by public funds. The goal is to help people increase the efficiency of energy usage and also pay bills in a crisis. Programs and resources are for low income households in the community. Some of the services offered by CEAP include:

  • A co-payment/grant utility assistance plan that can last from six to 12 months.
  • Energy assistance is focused on elderly and disabled residents who often are most vulnerable to high energy bills and an energy-related crisis.
  • Aid can be offered for replacement of inefficient heating/cooling appliances or a retrofit.

Weatherization Assistance Program is also offered by Dallas County Health and Human Services. Low income individuals can receive free energy conserving updates to their homes. Get help with reducing high utility costs by weatherizing your home and conserving energy.

Contractors will, as part of the WAP program, equip homes with free insulation weather stripping, caulking, repair or replace new doors and windows, duct work, solar screens, repaired or retrofitted heating and cooling units. Or clients who need rehabilitation services or more extensive improvements will be referred to another non-profit agency that may be able to provide assistance.





Mortgage and Home Loan Counseling

Low-income families and individuals can receive assistance from Dallas County Health and Human Services to be used for mortgage counseling, homebuyer education, down payment and closing cost assistance programs.

They run a Home Loan Counseling Center that provides comprehensive homebuyer education and counseling. Current and potential homeowners can take advantage of the services offered.

Not only do they offer their own programs, but they also work closely with -for-profit housing agencies, local municipal governments, mortgage lenders, banks, and home builders. All of these different groups partner together to offer home ownership opportunities for low- and moderate-income families and individuals in Dallas County. Some of the housing programs administered include:

  • Financial education and budgeting classes
  • HECM loan as well as free or low cost foreclosure counseling
  • UPCAP down payment assistance
  • First time homebuyer seminars and classes
  • Information and applications for Section 8 Homeownership program

Seniors and Older Adult Services Program can help people who are 60 years of age and older. A number of senior centers are located around Dallas County. Services provided by Dallas County Health and Human Services include lunch, field trips, information on public assistance, social services, and exercising. Also, transportation to the senior centers can be arranged with center management.




By Jon McNamara

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