Cumberland County Pennsylvania public assistance.

Several different public assistance programs are available in Cumberland County Pennsylvania. Some of them will give households cash assistance while others give out food, housing, or resources for finding employment. All of the DHS social services are paid for using government money. They tend to be time limited and some public aid has waiting lists.

The main programs available in Carlisle as well as Cumberland County are below. There are two ways to apply. One is to drop by the main office and the other is to dial the tool free application line at 1-800-269-0173.

Cash assistance programs in Cumberland County

There are different version of this. The main one (which is expanded on below) is TANF. The other options include Diversion and Moving to Independence, grants for the blind, and the Refugee Cash Assistance Program. Each provides a limited amount of public assistance to pay critical bills.

Government grants from TANF - For applicants and participants of the financial aid program, they must engage in assigned work activities designated by the county. These work related activities are designed to help applicants and recipients strengthen their employment opportunities which will lead them back to a life of independence. This is required in order to get a grant from the public benefit.

Here is a partial list of work activities which may qualify a household for public aid. People can enroll into employment - both subsidized and unsubsidized, On-the-job training sessions with employers, job search and job readiness training, Vocational education, or even local Cumberland County Community service.




There may also be some telephone bill assistance as well. Using public aid from TANF, or credits from programs including Lifeline, some seniors and low income households can get help. The government can help pay for some landline costs or cell bills. Partnerships are even in place to provide free government cell phones for emergency communication.

Cumberland County Child Care Works is a resource that helps parents both find a child care provider and pay for a portion of the costs involved. There is a financial part, but the DSS workers also ensure the parent knows how to care for their child, support and educate them, and assists with selecting a quality day care provider.





Veterans and military members can receive some public assistance to pay for burial costs. Applicants need to have a honorable discharge. The cash, which will only be tens of dollars, will be for very low income residents. But the funds can even pay for burial in different counties as well.

DSS in Cumberland County is administrator for the federally funded Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards, which are issued as part of Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP). This is the nation's updated version of the Food Stamps Program.

The EBT cards are pre-loaded with money. They are also accepted as debit card payments for food at most local grocery stores. SNAP benefits will be provided with a designated cash amounts that are based on household size and net income.

For those Cumberland County residents in a crisis, emergency SNAP food assistance, which is typically available within seven days, is also available from public assistance programs for residents in crisis. It is a rapid response type concept. Certain household income and spendable resource limits must be met to qualify for emergency food stamp assistance.

For needy, eligible clients who qualify, the Cumberland County Pennsylvania LIHEAP offers help with heating bills, electric costs and energy crisis situations. Assistance is typically available for most types of fuel, regardless of whether a dwelling is heated with wood, propane, natural gas, electricity or fuel oil.

Adults, the disabled, and children can get Medical Bill Assistance. The main government run health insurance program is Medicaid. Using state of Pennsylvania, federal funds, and Cumberland County contributions, the service pays for health care services for eligible individuals.

Emergency Solution Grants (ESG) is available as the result of federal government funding from the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). It is part of the Cumberland County Homeless Assistance solution. The grant money is sent to agencies such as the Department of Social Services (as well as many others) is authorized by subtitle B of title IV of McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act as amended by the HEART.




There may be cash grants provided to assist homeless individuals or those facing evictions. The funds can help them obtain stable housing. So this means ESG is used for paying rent, energy bills, or (in some cases) even a mortgage payment. The publicly funded homeless assistance program is wide ranging in what can or can't be provided.

Other resources may also be available. Financial aid is combined with grants, job counseling services, and other support. Address of the Cumberland County Assistance Office is at 33 Westminster Drive
Carlisle, PA 17013-0599. Or call 1-800-269-0173.


By Jon McNamara

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