Credit counseling in Detroit and Wayne County.

Individuals in Detroit and Wayne County Michigan can receive credit counseling from several non-profit agencies. Some of the services offered include debt management programs, housing and foreclosure counseling, and credit review and repair. The locations of non-profit credit counseling organizations to apply at for help in the Detroit region are listed below.

Most of the non-profits are federal government HUD certified as well as approved by the Michigan State Housing and Development Authority. The not for profits offer a full range of housing and debt counseling services to individuals and families in Detroit and across the entire county for that matter. For example, they can provide assistance to Wayne County homeowners who are unable to pay their monthly mortgage payment, and who are therefore at risk of losing their homes through a foreclosure filing. Homeowners who are already in the process can get help too. Also access confidential credit counseling in which a certified counselor reviews your financial situation and helps get you on track with bills.

Community Housing Network Wayne Office
While the focus is on housing, get information and referrals to more programs that can lead to longer term success.
35425 W Michigan Ave.
Wayne, Michigan 48184
(734) 419-7545

Greenpath Debt Solutions - Consumer Credit Counseling Service Of Michigan Westland Office
One of three Greenpath locations across Wayne County Michigan. They tent to offer free initial advice, and the balance of their programs, such as credit repair, foreclosure prevention, and debt management plans, may come with a nominal fee.
38545 Ford Rd. Suite 202
Westland, MI 48185
(800) 550-1961

Taylor Michigan Office of Greenpath Debt Solutions - Consumer Credit Counseling Service
8750 S. Telegraph Rd. Suite 100
Taylor, Michigan 48180
(800) 550-1961





Bethel Housing Counseling Agency
5050 St. Antoine St.
Detroit, MI 48202
(313) 833-9912

Greenpath Debt Solutions - Michigan Detroit Office
This location focuses on the metropolitan Detroit region. Meet with a counselor for a free consultation. You may then decide to create a budget, explore credit repair, and other debt and housing assistance programs.
2111 Woodward Ave.
Detroit, Michigan 48201
(800) 550-1961

U Snap Bac
14901 E Warren Ave.
Detroit, Michigan 48224
(313) 640-1100 Main




By Jon McNamara

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