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Find how Community Resources can help with short term needs in a crisis and long term self-sufficiency. The community action agency works to assist families and help them improve their quality of life. Education, referrals to housing assistance as part of case management, financial literacy and other services are offered. The non-profit agency offers assistance in the counties of Calhoun, Doddridge, Gilmer, Jackson, Pleasants, Ritchie, Roane, Tyler, Wetzel, Wirt, and Wood in West Virginia.

Financial aid for bills, rent, and basic needs

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program (LIEAP) can help with paying utility and heating bills. Community Resources helps facilitate the completion and submission process of the applications for the federal government funded Low Income Energy Assistance Program. This program helps out all eligible households with paying for their winter heating costs by means of direct cash payments on their behalf to the utility companies.

When lacking time or faced with a shut-off, the Energy Crisis Intervention Program component of LIHEAP assists households in alleviating emergency home heating needs. So if they face a disconnection or are running out of fuel then this program can help. Also, this crisis component is made available for those families who do not have the resources necessary for maintaining sources of adequate heating. Eligibility depends on various factors such as total income of the household, the county they live in, types of heating payments and the overall cost of their bills.




Emergency financial assistance from Community Resources assists in the provision of resources that become a valuable support to those facing a hardship in Wood, Pleasants, and Tyler County or other cities. Almost all of this support is the result of case management referrals and direct financial aid is not offered. It helps with health care, food, housing, rent and issues of utilities. It offers emergency services like.

  • Choices is a service to all families who have child care needs.
  • Utility and Heating Bill Emergency Assistance as part of LIHEAP (above).
  • Referrals to Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department for affordable health care services.
  • WV Birth to three is intervention services at an early stage that offers support to low income families and children who are at risk of developmental disability up to the age of three.





  • In addition to the birth program before, there is also support for new or financial aid for single moms, and they focus on ensuring the child is safe.
  • Basic needs from the necessity Closet to get cleaning supplies and personal care items such as food, clothing, and personal goods can be offered by CRI.
  • Right from the Start is a free or low cost West Virginia care center for both parents and their babies.
  • Information on WV Children’s Health Insurance Program, which is a low cost health and dental care plan for teenage children of working families. it also supports younger children.
  • Referrals to rental assistance, including section 8 in West Virginia.

For any needed housing and rent assistance, Community Resources Inc. can offer referrals as part of case management. Or residents can dial 211 to connect with the United Way. This is a service for the creation of affordable housing opportunities for both individuals and families. It is offered across their service territory, including in Calhoun, Doddridge, and Gilmer County. It will allow people to live in an affordable, safe and warm environment. This is achieved through various affordable housing resources. CRI helps with the following.

  • Helping individuals with an improved credit score.
  • Free counseling for first time home buyers.
  • Assisting homeowners with short term, emergency loans that are provided with interest rates of 3% which is paid back over a period of eight years. This is offered for repairs and is known as Housing Emergency Loan Program (HELP).
  • Guidance and support for individuals in buying a home of their choice.
  • Information about the repair, renovation, improvements and rehabilitation of homes.
  • Low cost or free energy conservation (see below) or renovating homes to improve the energy usage.
  • Assisting the clients in refinancing the home loan if required.
  • Foreclosure prevention and counseling services from HUD specialists.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) from Community Resources Inc. helps people save energy and money. CRI offers assistance to low income families in helping them increase their home value and decrease their energy costs. The United States Department of Energy has collaborated with all state level agencies, including in West Virginia, to implement the Weatherization Assistance Program.

This free program has helped in the reduction of energy costs for low income and elderly households by making their homes energy efficient. The Weatherization Agencies have installed cost effective measures for the reduction of energy consumption in both hot and cold winter seasons. The program prioritizes services to persons with disabilities, the elderly, and families with children. The conservation measures are available to single-family homes, multi-family dwellings, and mobile homes in the region.




The measures that help are installation of insulation and reducing the air infiltration, repairing and tuning up the cooling and the heating systems and replacement of incandescent lighting with the compact fluorescent bulbs. The Weatherization Crew, that is approved by the community action agency, also attends to the carbon monoxide and combustion safety of the home.

Self-sufficiency and case management from CRI

Educational opportunities and help with job development as part of case management is offered by Community Resources, Inc. (CRI). Case managers work to prepare clients, including youth, seniors and adults, for future challenges and opportunities. The agency supports all people seeking jobs and will help them in securing and retaining employment in Calhoun, Jackson, and other counties. They also partner with federal government job training centers to ensure clients get the skills they need.

They do this by offering effective networking and referrals to businesses. The agency believes in helping people resolve any employment barriers. Steps are taken towards these self-sufficiency objectives by assisting residents in career counseling that covers basic education and GED preparation. Individuals can acquire skills or the relevant competency which is required to seek meaningful employment in West Virginia. CRI is also in partnership with several other non-profit community organizations and employers. They offer support towards coordinating and conducting programs for youth in terms of education and employment opportunities.

Community Resources is heavily involved in helping people become financially independent as part of the case management process. The non-profit has introduced many tools and workshops that people may utilize in thinking differently about their finances. It starts with helping them in the establishment of their bank accounts, reducing debts and in repairing their credit status.

Working with partner groups, it coordinates low cost or free credit counseling and shows ways of improving credit scores. Counselors from CRI also help residents in West Virginia and counties such as Wetzel become financially independent by creating individual and family budgeting strategies. Specialists will also assist in creating approaches for the maintenance of both personal and family financial records.





Below is how you can get information or access the programs offered by the community centers of Community Resources.

Roane County, 225 Main Street; Spencer, West Virginia 25276; Phone 304-927-4632
Tyler County, 251 Main Street, New Martinsville, WV 26155; Phone/Fax: 304-455-2701
Wetzel County, 1212 North State Route 2, New Martinsville, WV 26155 call 304-455-2701
Wirt County, Washington Street / P.O. Box 238, Elizabeth, West Virginia 26143; 304-275-4306
Wood County, 914 Market St., Parkersburg, WV 26101, dial 304-485-5525
Calhoun County, 258 Court Street, P.O. Box 309, Grantsville, WV 26147. Phone - 304-354-9265
Doddridge County office is at Rt. 2 Box 25B; West Union, WV 26456, Phone/Fax: (304) 873-3439
Gilmer County, 34 East Main Street; Glenville, WV 26351, dial 304-462-8698
Jackson County, 206 Stone Drive; Ripley, WV 25271, telephone 304-373-0313 is for intake.
Pleasants County, 709 2nd Street; St. Mary’s, West Virginia 26170, 304-684-3461
Ritchie County CRI center - 633 S. Spring Street; Harrisville, WV 26362, dial 304-643-2332


By Jon McNamara

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