Community Action Partnership of North Alabama assistance programs.

Low income, unemployed, and struggling families from North Alabama can get help from the community action partnership. The agency is involved in administering several different programs for the less fortunate, with a focus on housing issues, utility bills, food, and assistance for children. Some of the main services administered by the agency are noted below, however resources are limited.

The community action agency offers assistance across the counties of Cullman, Morgan, and Lawrence in Alabama. They also have referrals to other local non-profits and government benefits. For example, the agency can process applications, or direct clients to, LIHEAP or SNAP food stamp programs.

Energy and utility bill resources

Operation Warm is an energy bill assistance programs that is available as a last resort. The aid is for the disabled, elderly, or those with a severe medical condition. Any cash paid out for utility bills is one time only, and the program relies on donations from people in the community. Call 256-355-7843 for more details.

In addition to that, there is the LIHEAP - Low Income Home Energy Assistance program. This is a one time grant that is funded by the federal government. The money can help people in counties such as Cullman or Lawrence pay both their heating and cooling bills. There is also a crisis component to this.

Get information on Operation SHARE from Community Action Partnership of North Alabama. This is run in partnership with the American Red Cross, Cullman Power Board and also the Cullman Electric Cooperative. As funding allows, it provides energy bill assistance to customers in only the Cullman Electric Cooperative or the Cullman Power Board. Aid is for senior citizens, the disabled, and very low income.

The Alabama Charitable Trust Fund can also help with paying utility bills. It was created by Alabama Power and is run in partnership with community action agencies, such as North Alabama. It will help cover heating and cooling bills of working poor families. It can also assist with utilities for those struggling with short term financial struggles.





North Alabama rental assistance and housing programs

Housing assistance is available is part of the Emergency Food & Shelter Program. This can provide rent, mortgage, or security deposit assistance to those at risk of evictions or becoming homeless. In some cases, the program can also provide food or funds to pay for a portion of utility bills. The goal is to stop foreclosure, evictions, and general homelessness in the counties of Lawrence, Cullman and Morgan.

Foreclosure and tenant counseling is part of the agencies housing services. Community action organizes comprehensive services to homeowners, potential home buyers and renters. This assistance from case managers enables them to improve their housing conditions. They can get support in meeting the responsibilities of home ownership or tenancy under HUD. Learn about rental programs or mortgage assistance that is available in Lawrence, Morgan and Cullman counties.

Homeless assistance and affordable housing is offered. This can include shelter, food, loans for first months rent or a deposit, free clothing, job training, employment, or medical care. It helps the homeless stabilize and find a long term solution. Low income housing is available across north Alabama. It is for very low income persons in Alabama. Much of it is part of U. S. Housing and Urban Development grant programs.

Weatherization, or the WAP program from Community Action Partnership of North Alabama provides free energy conservation improvements, including weather stripping, insulation and storm windows. It is for households that meet guidelines, with a focus on seniors and the disabled. Homeowners can save hundreds of dollars per year on their utilities.

A Loan Program can offer financing for people that need help with repairs or modifications. The low-interest loans or for individuals needing critical safety, health or code compliance improvements or maybe basic repairs to their home.

Additional community action partnership assistance programs

Head Start is part of Early Childhood Care and Learning Services. The non-profit runs quality early care and learning centers for students and young children. Their families and parents can get access to social services too. There is a wide array of nutritional, educational, health, and socialization opportunities to the unemployed or low-income. Additional support is for the homeless, disabled and military families. All teachers are trained in Child Development and Early Childhood Education.





Head Start encourages school readiness, medical care, and education for children under the age of 6. Another option, Early Head Start, is assistance for pregnant women and the very young. Community Action Partnership of North Alabama offers them education, resource and referral, pre-natal care and maternal health.

Senior assistance and companions are for people over the age of 60. It will reduce their chances for needing to accept alternative care rather than continue to live in the familiarity and comfort of their homes. They offer clients support such as light housekeeping, help them prepare meals, provide respite care, monitor medications, and encourage exercise. The community action agency will enable their clients to maintain their independence.

Meals on Wheels will offer the elderly a low cost nutritious meal. At the same time this occurs, they will receive a brief wellness check. It is offered across Morgan, Cullman and other counties for eligible homebound elderly and/or handicapped adults. The North Alabama agency relies on help from partners such as churches, United Way, individuals, civic and social clubs, The Decatur Daily and other agencies.

For more details on these or other Community Action Partnership of North Alabama programs, or referrals, call a center.




Morgan County location is at 1909 Central Parkway SW, Decatur, Alabama 35601, 256-355-7843

Lawrence County, Moulton Office MAP, 12529 AL Hwy 157, Moulton, AL 35650. Main phone 256-974-9026

Cullman County center is at 107 2nd Avenue NE, Cullman, AL 35055, main phone 256-734-5170


By Jon McNamara

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