Coffee County assistance programs.

Resources and ways to get grants and help with bills and expenses

There are several different options, and places to turn to, for help. For example, the South Central Human Resource Agency offers residents several resources. Find their contact information at the bottom. Some of what they offer includes:

The Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program. This is a federal government funded program and it was designed to provide energy bill assistance and other forms of help to low income families, the elderly, handicapped and other people. If you are struggling to heat your home, the government can provide financial assistance to help offset part of the cost of your heating bills. All local utility and gas companies participate, including Tullahoma Utilities Board, Elk River Public Utility District and Duck River Electric Membership Corp.

The LIHEAP Heating Bill Assistance program is provided to qualified households through direct payment to a utility or gas company, or through the purchase of coal or wood.

Another component is the LIHEAP Crisis Heating Assistance Program. This is a grant that is provided to households that have received an official shut off notice or who are out of heating oil or fuel. Of course they need to meet the other criteria listed for assistance.

Energy Bill Assistance from Project HELP. This is another option for people to turn to for aid. This program, which works through the Good Samaritan charitable organization, and all local local utilities are participating in it. It is geared to helping residents with paying for heating bills as well as other energy expenses.

Emergency Food & Shelter in Coffee County TN

This program will help individuals and families who are experiencing food or housing emergencies and in need of assistance with utilities, food, or shelter, rent, or even mortgage payments. Those homeless families, or people that need a more affordable home to live in, can apply for security deposit assistance as well.





Crisis intervention

This is a general type of assistance program that helps people with a short term hardship. It will provide cash assistance and financial grants to families in an emergency situation. Grants can be used for utility and heating bills, rent, mortgage, and other expenses. In addition, it includes case management, counseling, and referrals to help the family through their crisis. For example, they can refer people to mortgage forbearance programs and patient assistance programs.

Job training and employment services

If you need help finding a job, the Families First Program provides Families First employment and Job Training services, along with additional support services to eligible participants Coffee County.

Child care

Another program offered by the South Central Human Resource Agency is one that arranges for the payment of child care through various funding sources and government programs. Applicants to this program are advice and counseled regarding the various types of child care programs that are available. In addition, they will receive listings of local day care centers from which they may select the child care provider of their choice. The child care will be paid for and is free. Arrangements for the service are then made for payment to the provider. In addition, case management activities record all of the pertinent information relative to child care for the family. The program is free to participants, provided they meet the criteria. Find other ways to get help with child care bills. Click here.

The South Central Human Resource Agency can be reached at (931) 433-7182. Contact them for help with bills and other expenses you may be faced with. Or, for more information on their services, click here.





Financial assistance for bills

Good Samaritan of Tullahoma – Can provide Utility Bill Assistance in the form of a payment for all or a portion of the electric or utility bills of people whose utilities have been or are at risk of being shut off. Applicants will need to meet disability, age, income, need, family vulnerability or other requirements. 315 E Grundy St., Tullahoma, Tennessee 37388, phone (931) 455-7353

Heartland Baptist Church – Can provide a small amount of food, meals, or groceries to those in need. Food Pantry Hrs. Monday only 1:00 pm - 4:00 pm. 307 E. Jefferson Pike, Murfreesboro, TN 37130, dial (615) 890-3834.

Non-profit Buffalo Valley Inc is an agency that works to both prevent homelessness and to also help families or individuals move into a new, safe and affordable home. They focus their services on seniors, the disabled, and veterans in Coffee County area.

The staff from the organization can offer information on everything from the Patriots Place transitional housing for veterans to federal government grants for rent or utility bills. Buffalo Valley Housing staff will also help with the underlying challenge such as assist families with employment or credit needs. Read more.




By Jon McNamara

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