Cleveland Tennessee Emergency Shelter and housing programs.

Many housing services are available from the Cleveland Emergency Shelter. It is run in partnership with the local community action agency, and the non-profit will help the less fortunate. Not only will people have a place to stay for a defined period of time, but the center will also coordinate case management services, as noted below.

The assistance programs, including the shelter, are for the homeless and vulnerable. Some services are for very low income families and people facing poverty as well. The case managers from the shelter will offer people support and advice. The goal is to promote and empower clients with some or all of the following.

  • Emergency solutions grant - In some cases, the non-profit will receive grants from the federal government. The funds will be used to pay for a wide variety of needs, all resolving around housing. There may be assistance or loans for a security deposit, housing expenses, or back rent. See more details below.
  • Case management - The staff from Emergency Shelter in Cleveland work to stabilize families with their living situation. Advocacy, counseling, and other support services are available, including budgeting.
  • Referrals and information - Clients can learn about other non-profit or government resources in Bradley County. For example, there may be churches or charities that offer financial support for rent, housing, and more.
  • Employment resources are extensive. The shelter will refer clients to life skills, job programs, and other vocational support.

Other emergency assistance is available in Bradley County. It is provided from a combination of the community action agency as well as the Cleveland shelter. This aid will be for one time, crisis situations and it is not a hand out. So maybe a family was faced with unexpected medical bills, which is causing them to need one time utility bill or rent help. In these rare cases, there may be funds or some type of loan available to help.

Transitional housing is available from Cleveland Emergency Shelter. It will assist individuals and families who are ready to move beyond the short term, emergency shelter but need additional supportive services to move out of homelessness.




The housing solutions bridge the gap for people who are needing to move into more permanent housing solutions. The programs will allow families and the homeless who need help the time to develop the stability they need. This will be everything from confidence building and general coping skills to more permanent housing.

So those guests of the temporary housing will need to be fully engaged in self-sufficiency and work towards stability. This will involve things such as credit counseling, budgeting, and of course training for employment. Or if the individual needs more skills, then referrals to GED in Bradley County or educational services are available.

There are years in which the non-profit will receive federal grants as part of their homelessness prevention programs. It is also disbursed from the Tennessee Housing Development Agency.

The money will be used to pay for the operations of the shelter and other financial programs, such as emergency rent or deposits. Funding is limited, and it will come with a number of requirements from the agency. However, for those that qualify, the funds can go a long way towards preventing homelessness.

Other social services are also available from the Cleveland shelter. Support can help people apply for government benefits such as SNAP food stamps. Or work with a case manager on job interviews or maybe getting a drivers license reinstated. He bottom line is that the agency and its partners want to help those that need it. 745 Wildwood Ave SE, Cleveland, TN 37311, dial (423) 478-1458.



By Jon McNamara

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