Cleveland Ohio free fans.

When temperatures exceed 90 degrees in Cleveland, the Salvation Army will often start to distribute free fans to those who are most at risk. The goal is to help those who are trying to find relief from the extreme heat and humidity that can occur in Ohio.

The waiting list is extensive, and unfortunately not everyone will be able to receive a unit. However the Salvation Army of Cleveland will continue to distribute new box fans or window units to lower income residents, especially the seniors and families with young children, who are trying to stay cool during the summer heat.

Most of the programs are funded by donations from individuals, churches, and charities. The local community needs your help now more than ever, so anything you can donate to the Salvation Army will go directly towards helping the less fortunate in the community.

The Cleveland Salvation Army will normally distribute hundreds of fans on an annual basis, provided the temperatures meet a certain threshold. However there can be thousands of families on the various waiting lists. The demand is very high, especially with the weak economy. That is why again in most summers the Cleveland Salvation Army is loaded up with box fans to provide to the needy.

Priority is given to the disabled, seniors, families with children, and people who are faced with life threatening positions from the extreme heat. This is one of the main reasons that the Salvation Army is on the front lines distributing free fans, financial assistance and cool water to help keep our neighbors safe. So many people could otherwise suffer during the summer.





While the programs rely primarily on donations, from time to time, as funding allows, the Salvation Army may even buy fans or air conditioners to give away during the summer. Sometimes they can even provide a free, gently used air conditioner if someone's in desperate need of help, such as a child with asthma or a senior citizen with health problems, or people who face those types of conditions.

Some shelters may be open too around the city. As getting indoors during the peak afternoon heating can bring relief to the needy. The Salvation Army has people coming in off the street, into their centers and shelters in order to get out of the heat. They try to help people any way we can when the temperature gets that high. Rarely some money may be available to help directly pay electric or utility bills too.

If you, your family or someone you know is in need of a free fan, or maybe even an air conditioner, call 423-308-3467 to reach the Cleveland Ohio Salvation Army. Or find additional Ohio energy bill assistance programs.

Local residents can also help by donating new or gently used box fans or money to The Salvation Army. One office is located at 437 Inman St., however other centers are in the region. Monetary gifts may also be mailed or dropped off at 437 Inman St.






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