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Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland assistance programs.

Both Cuyahoga County and the city are supported by Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland. As funding and resources allow, the organization will provide help to low income families, seniors, and those that are struggling.

The number and types of programs include applications for utility bill help from EHEAP, Head Start applications, job placement, and income tax assistance. While everyone will not qualify for support and there is a strict application process, the case managers do their best to assist the less fortunate.

Assistance for financial needs from CEOGC

Winter Crisis Program - Emergency Home Energy Assistance Program (EHEAP) is a key community action program. It provides financial assistance or grants to eligible Cuyahoga County Ohio residents. Most of the aid is offered during the winter heating period.

The program provides financial assistance concerning emergency payments for heating bills, natural gas, electricity for forced air heat. The assistance is for families that have been disconnected by their energy company or have less than a 25 percent supply of bulk fuel in their tank or that threatened with disconnection of their utilities. There is also help to pay for bulk heating type fuels such as oil, propane, coal, and wood to qualified applicants. All applications are being sent to the Housing Services Office where they are processed and reviewed. The application period normally begins on November 1st and ends March 31st. The phone is (216) 518-4014. Call or visit to apply for the program.

The agency provides services to those in need from the county during the summer months as well. The resource is known as the Summer Cooling Bill Program and it provides the eligible residents of Cuyahoga County with financial help to pay electricity bills. In addition to that people who are suffering from life threatening illnesses are entitled to free air conditioners or box fans from Council for Economic Opportunities in order to cool their home and make their life easier.




Another energy bill assistance program/benefit is the Fuel Fund. CEOGC runs this for the counties of Cuyahoga, Ashtabula, Lake, Lorain and Geauga. Grants can help pay utility and electric bills of the companies including Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company, Ohio Edison, and Toledo Edison.

Prescription Medications may be offered to Cuyahoga County residents. It is for those that need financial assistance in paying for their prescription medications through the Health and Social Empowerment Program. Please call (216) 518-4010 to see if you qualify for their program. There are also other resources available for lower income and struggling families, and find additional help paying for prescriptions.

Job training programs in Cuyahoga County

Employment help from the Certified Computer-Based Customer Service Training (CST) is offered as a six week course that enrolls Cuyahoga residents throughout the year. The aim of the training is to provide education on computer keyboarding, using printers, the use of the office production software Excel, Microsoft Word, and Publisher while learning job readiness skills. Participants are also trained by staff to learn how to provide high quality customer service in today’s technology-driven society.

The workforce development program has regularly scheduled multiple day long job readiness sessions for both city as well as Cuyahoga residents. This program’s segment is intended to help participants to assess and enhance their job skills, prepare and apply a competitive resume, and prepare for a job interview. All workshop participants will be provided with an electronic copy of their updated resumes on mobile computer flash drives. This way, printing the resume when needed can be performed easily at any desired location.

Various video modules and workshops instructing how to prepare for a job interview is the constituent part of the 3-day job readiness workshop. Mock (practice) interviews are held as an integral part of workshop sessions as well as the specialists’ guidance.

Participants completing the workshops with the staff in place are referred to the CEOGC job placement program to begin their job search. There are centers in Cleveland and throughout the county that offer job training in Ohio, and Council for Economic Opportunities can refer residents to them.





Whether you are unemployed or underemployed, Cuyahoga residents who enroll in the CEOGC customer service training classes or job readiness workshops will automatically benefit from other resources. They will be referred to an employment specialist for a one-to-one counseling session.

The participants have an opportunity to enroll in a networking club of the job placement program and begin their job search. The employment placement program provides clients with further assistance by compiling  job offerings from local employers on a weekly basis and posting them in the training center. Open positions as well as job offerings are also being delivered to other organizations and local governments so the residents have better chances to find employment in Ohio.

Any Cuyahoga resident who completes an intake and assessment with a family development specialist is entitled to use the services of the free job placement program. It is almost always recommended to people that they enroll in the job readiness workshop first. All participants of the club have access to the CEOGC classroom computers and workforce development resource room.

Eligible lower income families with children in grades 6 through 9 living in the household are entitled to use the help of CEOGC service providing refurbished home computers. The units passed out will be  pre-loaded with Windows operating systems, academic as well as office production software.

The application process requires contacting a case manager at the Central Neighborhood Opportunity Center and making an appointment. In addition, before receiving the computer, the applicant needs to be willing to attend an orientation. Parents must also be willing to provide on-going feedback to their assigned case manager (teacher) to document their child’s academic performance.

One of the community programs of Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland is the Family Development Program, or FDP. The eligibility of applicants is determined by Certified Family Development Specialists (FDS) at Neighborhood Opportunity Centers, also known as NOC. The goal of this service is achieving self-sufficiency of individuals or families. FDS works with the applicants in order tohelp them attain their objectives.

Before enrolling in any CEOGC program and receiving food, clothing, work tools, personal hygiene items, prescribed medications, or transportation, all applicants must complete the proper intake process and need to be assessed by a social worker.

CEOGC provides services to veterans and their families members that are seeking employment through VETS program. The purpose of this Ohio Vocation, Education, Training and Services Project is introducing veterans to the use of computers, teaching them how to search for jobs, preparing them to apply for jobs, and how to take advantage of special local and federal government opportunities.

In the coordination with the Cuyahoga County Veterans Service Commission (CCVSC) and the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program (of the Volunteers of America of Greater Cleveland), they will disburse emergency assistance for food, shelter/housing, rent, work tools, clothing and transportation after the veterans have exhausted other benefits.





The primary focus for the community action agency CEOGC project is to get jobs for veterans or help them to enroll in higher education. After completing the program with a specialist, each veteran from the region will receive a new laptop computer and software for their employment or entrepreneurial use.

Among many services, Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland (CEOGC) provides free personal income tax preparation and electronic filing services to low to moderate income individuals. Eligible are residents whose total taxable gross income is $50,000 or less. The staff trained to assure that an Earned Income Tax Credit is obtained for any eligible filer Internal Revenue Service certifies this service. Call one of the CEOGC Neighborhood Opportunity Centers and make an appointment.

Educational services

The state of Ohio and federal government work with CEOGC's to process Head Start applications. The program provides assistance to thousands of low-income children in the Greater Cleveland community annually.

CEOGC and its partners deliver high-quality early childhood education programs in safe, nurturing environments. Apart from this pre-school education, Head Start provides various services to the children and their families including health checkups, mental health and free dental screenings, nutritious meals and family literacy opportunities. The overall purpose of the program is to incorporate the entire household into the spirit of growth and personal responsibility.

The Head Start program puts parental involvement in focus. After all, effective parent participation is vital to the growth of the children who participate in it. In addition to taking part in classroom activities, parents of the student are highly encouraged to both voice their opinions and to help shape the outcome through the Parent Committee's at each Head Start Center by participating in CEOGC Policy Council.

In order to provide the highest quality childcare to the most children in need, Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland has engaged in community partnerships with numerous private day care centers as well as the East Cleveland public schools. Eligible children participating can enjoy the benefits of these collaborations. The children have the chance to achieve maximum development in these innovative settings in locations throughout Cuyahoga County. The staff can also help parents locate affordable child care centers in their local community or parts of the city.





Locations to apply at for help from Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland

There are a few offices in the region. Each processes applications from the general public. The Council for Economic Opportunities in Greater Cleveland (CEOGC) has several locations. Visit or call for any assistance

Central county is at 1849 Prospect Avenue, Suite 200, Phone: (216) 357-2621
Glenville Ohio, location is 10640 St. Clair Avenue, Suite B. Call (216) 268-1600
Tremont, Address: 3101 West 25th Street, main number (216) 858-1781


By Jon McNamara

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