Public assistance in Clark County.

Whether you need direct financial assistance in Clark County Nevada, or referrals to non-profit and government programs, the Social Service department may be able to help. A number of highly trained case and social workers can help people apply for public assistance, or direct them to local resources.

Nevada has been hit hard by the weak economy, so the demand for services is high. While unfortunately not everyone can qualify for rent, utility, or other assistance, you should never hesitate to explore all programs that may be offered in Las Vegas and Clark County.

Rent and housing assistance is available. Clark County Nevada families can receive public assistance funds for paying rent. Cash is available to help qualified low income and indigent members of the community pay their rent to avoid homelessness and evictions.

Bus tickets and transportation assistance is offered for qualified low income individuals. Not only are bus tickets available, but in addition cash for paying for food can also be issued when traveling by bus or some type of motor vehicle. The transportation assistance is focused on clients with children who lack finances, seniors, disabled, and others who are struggling. Local transportation is provided by CCSS to ensure that everyone has some form of access to public transportation.

Funds for burial, cremation, and funeral expenses are provided by CCSS. Clark County Nevada takes on the responsibility to help pay for a burial or cremation. Assistance is only available for lower income persons who die within Clark County and who meet low income eligibility guidelines. However, another publicly funded funeral assistance resource is also available for residents who die outside of Clark County. This is only offered if the individual was sent out of Clark County by CCSS for either hospital care or nursing home placement.

Referrals can be provided only from the Clark County Public Administrator (PA) / Public Guardian (PG) or from mortuaries that are on rotation with the Clark County Coroner's office. These referrals may be submitted by the mortuaries on behalf of friends or family members of the deceased.





Clark County Nevada Homemaker Home Health Aide Program can offer either long or short term personal care and homemaking services to Las Vegas and greater Clark County residents. Home health aides, which will be paid out of government funds, will in effect function as members of a team of professionals to provide the homemaker social services or home health services.

Medical Bill Assistance may be able to provide free or low cost medical care to uninsured, indigent and medically needy individuals in Las Vegas and Clark County. Assistance is only offered to those Clark County patients who are not eligible for other public, government or private resources or health care plans. Some of the services offered include Pharmacy services; In and Outpatient clinic care; Emergency room service; and Medical transportation. Free prescription vouchers may be distributed as well in a crisis.

If you are interested in receiving more information, or in applying for medical and health care bill expenses, then eligibility is based upon an assessment on the family’s financial situation. Needs will be set according to guidelines established by the Clark County Social Service department.

Senior Services and assistance programs are provided by a Clark County Senior Advocate Program. The public agency will both coordinate and disseminate information that is gathered from local groups and organizations, state and federal governmental agencies, health agencies, utility companies, businesses and service programs and other non-profits. All information is communicated out to interested parties in order to provide assistance to valley seniors and elderly.

Information on utility bill assistance can be provided as well. In particular, individuals can get help applying for the federal government funded low income home energy assistance program, or LIHEAP. In addition the social services agency may be able to direct individuals to other resources that are offered directly by your energy company, as well as other public assistance programs.

The Clark County Social Service department has several offices are the region. Individuals can either call (702) 455-4270 to apply and make an appointment, or they can stop by an office to meet with a government case worker.



By Jon McNamara

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