Clark County Catholic Charities assistance programs.

Using donations and relying on partnerships with other agencies, the non-profit Clark County Catholic Charities provides assistance to families in a crisis as well as the needy across the greater Springfield Ohio area. The charity will try to meet the requests of applicants, but people need to note that any support is a hand-up and not a hand out. This means that financial aid for bills or paying expenses such as rent is limited, and applicants will need to be on the path to self-sufficiency as well.

Food is available from Catholic Charities affiliated churches. There is both a soup kitchen and pantry on site, both of which can be used in a crisis. The food passed out from the locations is donated from a variety of sources. Volunteers from Catholic Charities will also organize fund raisers and food drives with churches and other groups in an effort to collect surplus commodities that will help supply the increasing demand for assistance in Clark County.

Any disabled or senior citizen who can't prepare their own meal or can't get out of the house to shop for groceries may be eligible for the Meals on Wheels service. Volunteers from local churches and partners such as an Agency on Aging office offer free home delivered meals each week across the Springfield region. While there is no cost, a small contribution is appreciated to help offset the fixed costs of this service.

Whether it is a pantry or the home delivery service, the programs are a good tool for freeing up a family’s money to pay for any other necessary bills they have like utilities or for medications. Many of the clients of these resources are in poverty, ill, or homebound. So whether someone needs frozen meals or fresh fruits, baby formula, and other groceries, the programs from Catholic Charities can assist.

Basic needs can be met by a few different sources. They range from a clothing closet to furniture bank as well as a thrift store. Each is focused on satisfying a different need.

Household goods can be acquired from a thrift store. It can be an effective solution for anyone from Clark County who wants to save money. It is also relied on by people or families that are transitioning from insecure situations, such as homelessness, into a stable environment. Other key users of this are people recovering from a disaster.




At the Catholic Charities thrift store, staff and volunteers collect, clean, sort and sell the items to the public. There may be clothing and other household goods, such as small appliances, cribs for new mothers, or blankets. Those are just examples of what is offered, but there will be much more for persons who wish to use the store.

In some cases, a voucher will be issued. This will generally be for extenuating circumstances. It will in effect provide the item for free to the client. So if an income-eligible person cannot afford to purchase the clothing or something else as maybe they are recovering from a medical emergency or fire at their home, the voucher will in effect provide the needed item at no charge.

The clothing bank is generally a free service. It will give out items such as winter coats to children or school supplies. Another focus is on having professional work attire available to pass out to the unemployed that are actively seeking a job.

Financial support from Catholic Charity churches in Springfield

Clark County Catholic Charities financial aid is limited, but it comes in a few different forms. This too is only for exceptional hardships, such as an unexpected reduction in work hours or maybe the applicant has the car they need for work in the shop. Other beneficiaries may be victims of domestic violence or seniors living on a fixed income that are faced with the death of a spouse.

Rental assistance can be applied to in an effort to stop an eviction. Funds normally come from the Emergency Food and Shelter Program (EFSP). The money can be used for any expense related to maintaining a safe and affordable home. Some funds can help pay rent, energy bills, or a security deposit well.





All across Clark County many families are facing an ever increasing cost of utilities. So the state of Ohio energy bill programs can assist. Or churches may have small dollar amounts for this expense.

Any aid is generally restricted to once a year and the family also needs to pay a portion of the bill, so they need to contribute. If someone is facing a crisis and has a vulnerable person living at home, then they may take priority. This will also include households with a final notice of disconnection.

Other emergency programs can offer vouchers for prescription medications or maybe gasoline for a job interview. Everything offered is limited and comes with restrictions. Also, as noted, it is a hand-up to the person. The applicant will also need to have some source of income to pay future expenses on their own. So there are several requirements to eligible for any type of support. Staff from Catholic Charities in Clark County may guide households through this process.

The main center is at 228 Raffensperger Avenue in Springfield Ohio. All resources are very limited, but the phone number is (937) 322-0838.




By Jon McNamara

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