Chicago Inner Voice programs.

One of the leading charity organizations for the homeless and those facing eviction in Chicago to turn to is Inner Voice. Depending on the applicants need, qualifications, and other factors, the agency works to help residents find counseling, locate either short term or permanent housing, and coordinates general social services. Much of this is focused on addressing the emergency situation, such as a missed rent payment that could lead to homelessness.

Inner Voice will also work with clients on their employment needs. There can be vocational training coordinated along with referrals to employers and businesses in the region. All of this is done in an effort to truly assist the very low income, disadvantaged and homeless in the city of Chicago. They are one of the leading points of access for emergency and transitional shelter for any residents who need help.

Case management is part of the Family Regeneration Program. The charity provides services, including shelter or transitional housing, to women with dependent children. In most cases clients of the program will be placed into very short term emergency shelters. This is also for those who are assessed as episodically or chronically homeless.

The Inner Voice Reverend Robert Johnson Learning Center provides the homeless / very low income with employment linkage, community-based case management, referrals to rent or housing assistance and individualized, one on one counseling. When clients are ready to go out on their own, they can get referrals to security deposit assistance or subsidized housing in Chicago.

A Supportive Housing Program is administered by Inner Voice as well as the Chronic Homeless Initiative. Between the two of them, they can offer rental subsidies, information on government grants, referrals to permanent housing, and ongoing case management support to families as well as single adults.

Eddie Beard Vet as well as Pioneer House offer housing support to males and veterans. The shelter site has a couple dozen beds in total (when they are not occupied). Other support that is offered as part of this includes case management and life skills counseling. Another similar service for military members is the Homeless Veterans Reintegration Program, which can also offer transportation assistance, full-time employment as well as vocational training and case management to veterans in Cook County Illinois.




One of the job training resources is Earnfare. This will provide training and/or part-time employment to individuals from Cook County that are currently receiving SNAP Benefits. Clients may also get vocational counseling and short to long term housing assistance.

The SSA Representative Payee Program is for the disabled and/or elderly in the city. The agency can coordinate for them financial counseling, case management and budgeting workshops. There is also a wide variety of housing/resource linkage for those Chicago residents that are currently receiving Social Security or disability benefits.

Extensive referrals are offered by Inner Voice as well. The organization will strive to assist someone who needs help from the community, whether they are homeless or not. Staff from the charity agency can offer linkage to domestic violence programs, substance abuse counseling, public health clinics, food pantries, resources such as HUD section 8 and other social services.

Some of the key referrals are to their partner organizations. These include the Chicago Coalition for the Homeless, Chapin Hall Center for Children, the Department of Housing and Economic Development, the city of Chicago Continuum of Care and many others.

The social services and housing programs from Inner Voice are extensive and wide ranging. Staff will also help qualified clients with job placement and search assistance. Children, veterans, and people of all ages can get help. There is also some focus placed on assisting the disabled as well.

There are a couple different offices in which Inner Voice operates from. They are 567 W. Lake Street, Chicago, Illinois 60661 as well as 1700 W. 18th Street. Call (312) 994-5830.




By Jon McNamara

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