Foreclosure assistance in Charleston South Carolina.

If you are struggling with your mortgage, First Federal and Family Services, Inc. offers free clinics in North Charleston. They offer foreclosure clinics to any interested families the 1st and 3rd Monday of every month and the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of every month in their North Charleston office. They can provide free legal advice to homeowners who are facing a foreclosure or who are behind on their mortgage. They will work with a borrower to help them find some type of solution to their housing problem.

The non-profit will offer assistance known as the Mortgage Default and Foreclosure Counseling program. It was created specifically for homeowners who are currently behind on their payments, or if they anticipate falling behind. It only deals with people who are struggling with payments on their primary residence, and will not help investors.

They will assign professional HRC mortgage counselors to come up with strategies that prevent a foreclosure filing. One of the keys to this process is working with the borrower and help them establish a budget. They have licensed and certified housing as well as financial counselors who will discuss strategies with the homeowner. First Federal and Family Services will help a homeowner develop a plan to get back on track with their monthly mortgage payments.

As part of the process the mortgage counselors can also offer free legal advice and methods to address other financial issues that may be the root cause of the families struggles. For example, problems such as excessive credit card debt, unpaid medical bills and debt, defaulted student loans, collection accounts, and other expenses may be causing the mortgage payment delinquency, and may be leading to the homeowner facing a foreclosure filing. Find information on debt settlement programs and other ways to get credit card help.

The organization has found that those people who have learned how to budget their money and deal with their debt are more likely to get back on track and keep their home.

Call 888-320-0350 to learn more on foreclosure prevention and assistance in South Carolina from First Federal and Family Services, Inc.




By Jon McNamara

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