Brevard County Community Action Agency programs.

Assistance is available from the Brevard County Community Action Agency. They partner with other non-profits, housing authorities, and government agencies in an effort to help the poor, unemployed, disabled, and seniors. The main resources are noted below, however call for more details.

Rental and housing resources, including utility bills

Low income and subsidized housing is part of the Housing Choice Voucher Program, or section 8. This is the state’s and counties primary rent subsidy resource. It is paid for by the Department of Housing and Urban Development, also known as HUD.

What the program does is enables very low-income families to obtain and pay the rent on standard, affordable housing in Brevard County. To be eligible for any aid, an applicant family or individual must be very low-income.

Those who receive a voucher are also required to pay up to 30% of their own adjusted monthly income toward utility bills and rent. The balance, subject up to established ceilings, is subsidized by Brevard County Community Action and public housing authorities.

Rent help and other energy bill resources are from the federal Emergency Food and Shelter Program. Brevard Community Action Program can often provide referrals to this, if there is funding. This resource is only offered as funding allows. The money can pay for food, rent/mortgage payments, and partial utility bill assistance. A local board of organizations such as Catholic Charities determines the services to be provided in each jurisdiction when funding becomes available. It is for families with an eviction or disconnection notice.

Food Pantries are around the county and state of Florida. They provide emergency food assistance to the needy, including homebound seniors and families with children. The locations can help customers provide a meal for themselves and their families.

LIHEAP is the main resource for utility assistance. Grants can be used to pay for electric bills in order to prevent the loss of service.  Financial assistance may be provided to low-income households in Brevard County Florida who meet eligibility requirements.  LIHEAP can help people stay cool in the hot Florida summer and warm in the winter so it will also lower the risk of health and safety problems.




It is an income based program. The priority is for the very low income with a child or senior member of the home. The disabled are also often first in line for help. The components are basic Home Energy Assistance which will help eligible households meet the cost of their bills. There is a crisis component in Florida which is for homeowners and tenants that are in immediate danger of losing access to needed their main power source. Another Weather-Related Conditions program exists as part of LIHEAP. Call the Brevard Community Action Agency to see if you qualify for assistance.

There is another resource to use in order to learn more about LIHEAP. Residents can dial the National Energy Assistance Referral (NEAR) Project. It operates as a free service providing information application sites, both in Brevard County and elsewhere. Dial 866-674-6327.

The FSS Family Self-Sufficiency Program will attack barriers such as lack of education, work experience, employment and job training, transportation, and access to affordable child care. Community Action Agency staff partner with each family to overcome these challenges by providing advocacy, counseling and reinforcement of self-esteem.

Local Brevard County non-profit agencies work with community action to ensure that participants in this program receive social services during their transition toward becoming independent families. Those resources might include rental assistance, child care subsides, loans to pay for housing expenses, free tuition/books, uniforms, minor car repairs assistance, and job placement.

Burial and cremation assistance is available in partnership with the Brevard County Housing and Human Services Department. The agency provides funds that can be used to pay for cremation assistance in accordance with Florida Statutes of an indigent person. It is only for those with no relatives or financial resources.





Brevard Community Action self-sufficiency

Children can benefit from Head Start. This is the region’s main federally funded school readiness pre-school program for economically disadvantaged and lower income families. Their children will be able to receive assistance such as education, health and mental health care, meals, and more. Their parents can get information on social services and public aid in Brevard County. Centers are across the area, and busing is provided to those that qualify.

The Brevard County self-sufficiency program is holistic. It was created in an effort to assist families and help them deal with all of their multi-dimensional challenges. The agency and its case workers really put clients into a position to help themselves and to be independent of public assistance.

Financial literacy, budgeting, and Asset Development (VITA & IDA) is available in partnership with the United Way and local non-profit credit counseling agencies. The VITA program provides free tax preparation for low to moderate income residents and seniors. The other main components, IDA or Individual Development Account, is a matched savings account. Government grants will match what a client saves on their own. These often come with credit repair services, budgeting workshops, and debt reduction plans.

The Brevard County Employment and Training Unit provides support, tips, education and training to individuals and/or families to enable them to gain and maintain employment. An income is important to overall self-sufficiency. Services from specialists include job search assistance in Brevard County, resume writing, interviewing tips, college tuition assistance, career planning, and counseling.

While several phone numbers are listed above, the main office is at 2725 Judge Fran Jamieson Way, Melbourne, Florida 32940. Telephone: (321) 633-2076.



By Jon McNamara

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