Black Hills Energy Nebraska assistance programs.

Programs are offered by Black Hills Energy that can provide qualified low income customers in Nebraska with financial assistance. Resources can provide short term help for paying gas or heating bills, conservation measures, and other aid. Some of the leading resources available in Nebraska are below.

HeatShare is the main financial assistance/cash grant program. The main purpose of this program is to help low income and other qualified customers avoid disconnection of their utility service, in particular during the cold Nebraska winter months.

The organization that runs this is a non-profit. HeatShare is funded by customer donations, so any financial aid available is limited. However when possible they may have some funds for paying your Black Hills Energy bills. Other services are available too.

In addition, the agency can refer people to other local, non-profit agencies in Lincoln Nebraska or other local communities. These groups can offer additional assistance such as free financial counseling. Customers can get help in budgeting, staff can intervene on the customers behalf with the utility company, or learn how to access other government assistance. For example, receive additional help in applying for Medicaid, SNAP Food Stamps, Social Security, or other resources.

Customers facing a disconnection should also call the company as soon as possible. Black Hills Energy representatives will explore any payment plans, extensions, or other possible solutions. If you think you won’t be able to pay your bills on time, call them company right away. Qualified families may be offered a payment arrangement. People are also provided the opportunity to clear up concerns rather than be forced to have their service shut off.

In this case, call the company at 888-890-5554. You can make a initial, partial payment on your account. Talk to a specialist to explore payment extensions, discuss your circumstances, and otherwise establish a payment program with Black Hills Energy.

In some cases, the customer service associate can provide information on other regional resources in Nebraska. They may be able to help people apply for financial assistance or cash grants from outside sources, including government programs such as LIHEAP. Also, if being disconnected would present a danger to the health of any members of your home, notify the energy provider as soon as possible.




Customers are entitled to support from the Cold Weather Rule. This state of Nebraska law provides guidelines restricting service disconnections during certain times of the year. The program is an option for residential customers who can’t pay their utility bills from November until March. If you are approved, any disconnection of your account will be postponed and you may be offered a payment plan. So it will provide Black Hills Energy customers more time to get their finances in order.

Some assistance may be offered for reconnections. Customers will need to pay a portion of the outstanding balance. However if they maintain prompt payment on their account for a year then some past balances may be waived.

Budget billing will help households and protect them from seasonal fluctuations in their natural gas bill. It is free and offered to all households, regardless of their income. The Budget Billing offered by Black Hills Energy will charge customers to be billed each month on their customers previous 12 months usage. This program will rely help people plan better throughout the year as they have more consistent payments. 888-890-5554

Black Hills Cares is another financial assistance program that is paid for by contributions. Black Hills works with non-profit agencies across the state of Nebraska. Any money you contribute, which is tax deductible, will go directly towards helping the disabled, elderly and disadvantaged people pay their heating or utility bills. This is run in partnership with the Salvation Army and the HeatShare program referenced above.

Third-party notification is offered to. While this in not a financial program, it does help all customers who sign up for it. They will be able to better manage their natural gas service and avoid service interruptions as a designated third party (such as a fried or relative) will be notified of any missed payments or service disruptions. Call 888-890-5554 for details.

For more information, call Black Hills Energy at 888-890-5554. The company will review programs and options with eligible customers.



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