Salvation Army assistance programs in Belmont County.

Over 15 social services and ministry programs are administered by the Salvation Army center in Belmont County Ohio. The are several financial aid type programs, including for housing or food, along with resources for kids and adult ministries. More information on the assistance programs available are below, and each is focused on a certain group of individuals.

Financial assistance type programs

There are a few resources from the Bellaire Salvation Army. They include the following. Note when it comes to dollars for paying bills or living expenses, that is limited. But there may be, on occasion, some emergency heating or gas bill help, rent, money for energy bills, and, and more. But the main Belmont County Salvation army programs are the following.

There are a few transportation resources available as well. They are mostly for job seekers or interview reasons. Or Salvation Army volunteers may drive an elderly person to the doctor or maybe deliver a hot meal. Most of the transportation includes vouchers for gasoline or a bus pass, or a free ride.

Transitional housing and shelter are for the homeless. Or individuals who are low income but need time to stabilize. This is also where the rent and utility bill assistance programs fall under. The local shelter is for overnight, emergency stay only. Guests are normally given a hot meal as well.

A food pantry and Christmas meals/gift service also operates. The main one is Angel Tree, which gives free presents and toys to kids. There are also Thanksgiving and Christmas meal programs for the low income. Other users of the holiday programs are lonely people in the community as well as the homeless.

Women and Men’s groups are the Belmont County Salvation Army case management services. They are intended to help a family exit poverty. Or they can assist the client as they search for a job, or apply to educational programs. The goal is to help any client gain stability. As a client needs to eventually gain financial stability on their own, so they can have a source of income for paying for their rent or housing, or get the medications they need.





Disaster Relief Services are also a core service. If a house burns down, or if a major natural event occurs, the Salvation Army in Belmont County Ohio responds. They do this in many ways, all of which focus on helping both victims and first responders. Food, water, meals, general advice, and other support is given.

At the end of the day, the financial help from the Christian church is meant to address basic needs of food, water, shelter, clothing, transportation for employment and safety. This is where the funding is targeted at. Or they can help by referring clients to other programs for the low income.

Life skills from Bellaire Salvation Army

These are often combined with case management. They too are focused on overall growth and development, and are often combined with case management. The main programs available are as follows.

There is a cadet and “guards” service. They are focused on kids (no matter their age) and helping them grow and develop. Anther program used in Adventure Corps. As if the youth in today’s day and age start off on the right path, then the life options available to them will be much greater. Everything from education to Summer Camp to applications for Head start child development is coordinated.

Belmont County Salvation Army adult ministries are often an option to. They help the parent and adult in the home. Often the adult, if they have a low income, will also be referred to the emergency social service above for their needs. Whether it is a job program, or box of food, the ministries tackle many needs. They can help the client work towards a permanent life change.

The main office of the Salvation Army religious organization is 315 37th St, Bellaire, OH 43906. Call them at (740) 676-6225. Appointments and intake are needed.



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