Rental assistance from Baltimore RAP Rental Allowance Program.

Baltimore residents facing a housing crisis or that are homeless can turn to the Rental Allowance Program. This is a state government funded resource that offers subsidies, eviction prevention services, help for paying security deposits and other support to qualified clients. A number of needs can be met by the RAP program, and those that enroll will also be provided case management and other forms of support.

Individuals who apply and are able to enroll will need to sign a contract and agree to all program terms and conditions. As funding allows and if they meet program terms, up to 12 months of subsidies may be provided in an effort to help an individual pay their rent or housing costs. Other services will be offered by the agency as well, such as case management, credit repair, job search assistance, and general housing counseling. Local agencies in Baltimore and elsewhere in Maryland administer the program and accept applications.

The rental allowance is for qualified low income and poor families that are facing imminent eviction. Assistance is also for the currently homeless in Baltimore. In either case, the main objective is to provide residents with housing stability. This can include shelters, transitional housing, and then eventually help clients get settled into long term, permanent housing or apartments. Staff will also work with clients in Baltimore to help them gain self-sufficiency.

The program is a short term allowance in the form of funds for paying rent. It is provided to people who are facing eviction or that have been already been forced out of their homes and are homeless. While funding levels can change yearly based on grant levels and government funding, in general your landlord will receive anywhere from $300 to $600 per month for up to one year. This can be used to pay a portion of your monthly housing costs. If there is any further costs due, then the participant will need to pay that on their own.

In order to apply, those that are interested will need to contact local agencies in the city or county. The main contact information is noted below.

For residents that live in the city of Baltimore, they can contact the social services department. The phone numbers are (443) 423-6001 or (443) 984-2222. The office is located at 2000 N. Broadway, Baltimore, Maryland 21213. Another location to stop or call for applications to RAP includes the Housing Authority of Baltimore City, Department of Rental and Assisted Housing. The address is 1221 W. Pratt Street, Baltimore, Maryland 21223.





Get applications to RAP rent help in Baltimore

The program is also available across the county as well the city. So this is for those that live outside of city limits. The applications are processed by the Office of Community Conservation, which is located at 6401 York Road, Baltimore, Maryland 21212. Call (410) 887-3937 or (410)853-3000.

As with any resource, there are application conditions in place. The Rental Allowance Program will be able to assist those that are unable to get a Section 8 housing voucher and that meet the income limits in place. Applicants also need to be about to lose their housing or apartment because of a landlord eviction, natural disaster, or an abusive partner. The individual or family will also need to work towards self-sufficiency. If they are homeless, then the resident needs to be able to live independently.

While income limits will change, in general they will be based on family size as well. So a household with more members can in fact have a higher income.


By Jon McNamara

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