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Prescription drug assistance from HealthWell Foundation.

The HealthWell Foundation is non-profit charity type organization that has been existence for a number of years. The foundation was created to help address the needs of individuals who cannot afford their prescription drug bills or medical costs. This includes expenses ranging from insurance copayments, coinsurance, premiums, or any of the various other out-of-pocket health care costs. They can provide grants and other forms of financial assistance to qualified people to help them pay for their medical bills.

Type of medical bills covered by the HealthWell Foundation

Some of the costs that can be covered include copayments, coinsurance, deductibles, healthcare premiums and more. So what this means that if a patient has been provided a health care service or a medication, and if your health insurance plan won’t pay for it, then there may be the possibility to receive help. Any support is only for people that can’t afford the copayment or coinsurance that is required. In these instances HealthWell may be able to help you by paying for either a portion or all of your costs associated with the prescription medication or the health care service. Other costs may be paid at the discretion of the non-profit.

The charity can even provide help to people whose insurance covers the service. For example, if you are eligible for health insurance and have the proper coverage, but if you cannot afford to pay for the health care insurance premium, they may be able to help. In these instances there may be funds available for paying either some or all of the medical portion of your premium. So whether you have insurance or not, the HealthWell Foundation can provide you assistance with paying a portion of a medical bill.

Since the foundation started, it has provided assistance with paying for prescriptions and other medical bills to more than 50,000 patients across the nation. Some of the people seeking help have been living with psoriasis, rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, breast or colon cancer, non-Hodgkin's lymphoma, and many other illnesses and conditions. The foundation will help with a number of illnesses.

Before HealthWell provides any financial aid or grants to patients, they will review and consider the individuals financial condition, their health insurance plan, and medical situation when determining assistance eligibility. Based on those and other factors whey will decide the amount of assistance provided.





The HealthWell Foundation has recently increased its monthly assistance to a total of $10 million, which is an increase from from $8.5 million that had previously been paid. The additional funds have helped several hundred more people with all sorts of medical and prescription drug bills. While the funding has been increased, there are never any guarantees to receiving help from this charity. However find other ways to get medical bill help.

HealthWell prescription drug assistance is offered

The Foundation provides both premium and copayment payment assistance to qualified individuals. Basically what this means is that if you have been prescribed a prescription drug medication, and if you can’t afford to pay for the copayment that may be required by your health insurer, the Foundation may be able to help pay for a portion of it. Where qualified, and if funds are available, the assistance available can be used for paying off some or all of your insurance copayment.

In addition to these cash grants provided, if for some reason you have medical coverage but still cannot afford the insurance premium, they may be able to assist. So this means the non-profit can address other health care needs as well. In this case the organization may be able to help by paying some or maybe even all of your health insurance premium or prescription drug costs. So the type and forms of financial assistance offered by the HealthWell Foundation is extensive. Call (800) 675-8416 to apply.


By Jon McNamara














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