Arlington County Department of Community Planning, Housing Department.

Services from the Arlington County Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development Department can help families find low income housing or apartments as well as access emergency assistance. The organization serves as the local community action agency for both Arlington as well as Falls Church Virginia.

For families that are facing imminent eviction, there may be assistance available to them. Residents that are currently homeless, or that are behind on their rent and facing homelessness, should call the Department of Human Services CAB, or Community Assistance Bureau. The main phone number is 703-228-1300.

When seeking help, applicants may get referrals to local shelters or non-profits that offer emergency, one time funds to pay a portion of rent. Legal advice and other support may be coordinated as well in Arlington County. Those facing eviction can also access mediation services for tenants and landlords.

Information and resources are also available from the Housing Division. The county can help low-income families and individuals find affordable housing in the greater Arlington Virginia region. Some of what may be available includes grants, vouchers, or even loans to cover a portion of a qualified families monthly rent payments. There are also apartment search tools and a listing of affordable homes throughout the County.

There are some affordable and low income apartments available in places across Arlington County. They can be income based units at local apartment complexes. Some are private sites, and others may be considered public housing.

Housing Grants can offer rental assistance to low-income Arlington County residents. The scope of the program is limited, but these funds cover a portion of monthly rent or maybe a security deposit. Any aid paid out depends on factors such as the applicants household income, size and rent amount due for their new home. This is only for seniors and those that are disabled. There may be some grant programs for low income families with children as well, including single parents.

Section 8, or the Housing Choice Voucher Program, is offered in Virginia as well. It is a federally funded and locally administered program that helps the elderly, low-income families and people with disabilities. The government vouchers can help people pay for suitable, affordable housing in the private market in Arlington County or Falls Church. While the voucher will pay some of the housing costs, the participant also needs to put a portion of their income towards the rental costs.




Another service from the Arlington County Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development is offering information on Tenant-Landlord Rights and Responsibilities. Clients can get insight on the rights and responsibilities of landlords and tenants. There can be free Mediation Services offered to assist with resolution of disputes on unpaid rent, unsafe housing, or deposits. Learn about the laws governing rental housing in Virginia and the region.

Tenant-Landlord Mediation is an effective tool to resolve disputes. Either landlords or a renter may request these services from the government agency. As part of any mediation session, both parties agree to meet with an independent, certified specialist to work together and resolve disputes. Any resolution to the challenge will require both parties to agree to the terms.

Arlington County Department of Community Planning, Housing and Development can provide information and referrals to a number of other government and non-profit programs. They include Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Discounted Prescriptions, Child Care Subsidy, and Services for Disabled Adults. For example, there are also many medical resources in the region, including Medicaid and Medicare, Dental care, and Mental Health. Case managers can direct struggling residents to many of these resources. The main office of the department is 2100 Clarendon Boulevard, Suite 700, Arlington, VA 22201. Call (703) 228-3822 for details.



By Jon McNamara

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