Arizona Prescription Assistance Programs

CoppeRx Prescription Card discount program

Over one million Arizona families are saving money on their medicines by using this discount card. There is no enrollment fee for CoppeRX, residents of any income level can apply, the application process has been streamlined and there are no additional fees to pay when using it. The card is completely free, and all Arizona state residents are eligible to enroll. Pharmacies that participate in the program offer consumers access to discounted prescription drug prices that are negotiated directly by the Arizona state government. Both  manufacturers and pharmacies have agreed to provide those savings for those who present the discount card upon picking up any prescriptions.

Savings provided range from 15%-55%, depending on the exact medication that someone needs and the pharmacy that they are shopping at. On average, the savings include for generic drugs - 42% , for brand name drugs - 15% , and the average savings for all medicines is 24%. However as indicated the exact amount will vary widely and is impacted by a number of factors. In addition, this card also provides savings and discounted pet medications.

Hundreds of retailers and pharmacies across the state accept the card, including national chains such as WalGreens, CVS and Target. Over the years consumers have saved in aggregate millions of dollars on their medications. Dial (888) 227-8315 for information on CoppeRX or to receive the card.

Arizona KidsCare

For children and teenagers under the age of 19, KidsCare may be able to provide free or low cost health care and medications. It is the state of Arizona's primary health insurance program/offering for children under 19 and is based upon the federal government CHIP program. Low income families with children ages 18 and younger that qualify for assistance can get free or low cost medical, dental, prescription medications and even access to vision services. While all services are part of KidsCare, most types of medications, including for lie threatening conditions, are also covered. 1-877-764-5437.





Arizona Medical Assistance Program

This federal government program provides health care benefits and medications to low income people who have no health insurance or who have inadequate medical insurance coverage. The Federal government establishes general guidelines for the administration of Medicaid benefits that are offered by Arizona, but the state does have some flexibility in the exact terms. Both state and federal funds are used to pay for the program. Call 602-542-9935 to apply for help or get more information, and find how you can get free or reduced priced medications from it.

Senior citizen programs

Individuals who need to save money on their medications or enroll in Medicare can look into the State Health Insurance Assistance Program, or SHIP. Counselors who are part of this non-profit state organization can answer questions on, and help people apply for Medicare Part D (RX coverage), long term care insurance and other government programs. It is a free program and residents just need to dial 800-432-4040 in order to speak to a well trained counselor. A specialist is able and willing to work with you through the complicated process of applying for these various government and prescription assistance programs.

If these resources do not meet your needs, find additional Arizona assistance programs.




By Jon McNamara

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